Yashika-Lockdown Wedding

Lockdown marriage - Yashika

Five years ago, it all started with an eye contact between us. That’s what made us fall in love with each other, and now, happily married.  

After that brief moment, a mutual friend introduced us to each other. We were still strangers, so everything was very formal and sophisticated. A few days later, the same friend created a WhatsApp group for him and I to stay together somehow. The only problem was that I had had a very unpleasant past, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a new relationship.

Eventually, as if in spring everything blossoms, we both became really good friends. And that friendship was something we couldn’t turn away from.

We kept chatting online, vigorously.

One bright and fine day, he proposed to me for marriage. But my past had shattered me so brutally, I was scared of it and, perhaps in a panic, denied wanting to be with him. He had to leave for work. While leaving, he gave me the classic, you will come back to me. Little did I know, his words would turn into a miraculous reality.

A couple of months down, I reached out to him on Diwali to greet him. But after that, he and I were in an official relationship. Like every other romantic relationship, the beginning of it was extremely smooth, beautiful— like clouds covering the sky and bougainvilleas drooping towards the earth. After a certain interval, we began having our ups and downs. And what makes us stand out from other couples today, is that we sought those problems out and fought through it.

Things still weren’t easy. We belong to different castes and our families got to know about us. They refused at first. It was a struggle, but we proved to our parents that we were sticking out no matter what. And our love conquered it all.

We soon got united in marriage. We were very baffled at the thought of whom to send an invitation to for the ceremony, as it was not too safe, but we also didn’t want to offend anybody.

The unique thing about it all was that it was during the lockdown! Of course, it bothered me a lot that I couldn’t go out and shop to my heart’s content as planned before. So perhaps that was the only sad part about this Lockdown Wedding!

    • Roshni Tuteja

      Yashika’s lockdown wedding is so happily going. Love has no boundaries and it makes it way no matter what. Trust, compatibility and understanding is all what is needed in for an healthy relationship.

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