Yash-A dream to the stage


Yash-A dream to the stage

Yash says, “Since my school days, acting and direction filled me with great zest. The idea of going into the field of cinema knocked on my door when I was still in high school. I was thrilled with VFX. Every movie that included VFX made me research it more.

However, after I completed my schooling, I enrolled for a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication. I thoroughly studied different aspects of direction, production, editing, and history of Indian cinema. I went on to explore different camera angles and shots in photography and statistics on camera handling. At the same time, I wrote, directed, and acted in various short videos. In my final year, I lead the media team in one of my college’s most significant events.

After completing my graduation, I was not sure what I wanted to do next. I enrolled in Sukhmanch Theatre, and under the supervision of Shilpi Marwaha, I groomed myself into a better actor and a more sensible human being. Since then, I’ve never turned back.

I had stage fear before, but after about two years now, I perform effortlessly in front of a huge crowd. I do Nukkad Natak on social issues. I’ve learned to sink into a character even if it’s just a five-minute act. I remember having to perform an emotional play once where I had to scream and cry out loud. During the live performance, I cried real tears out of practice. That incident changed the course of my life. I learned to put my heart and soul into my performance. To me, Theatre is an art of living, for grooming yourself into a better you.

Acting, on the other hand, is like meditation. It encourages me to go beyond my limits and allows me to change my perspectives towards life. I am glad I started with Theatre. It introduced me to the roots of acting and taught me that one’s voice, action, and emotions should reach the audience. This is to ensure it dawns upon them that this is no end and everything that seems an ending is actually the beginning of a new story.”

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