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Yanuj Sharma – 1 Diary that Defined Destiny

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Yanuj Sharma - 1 Diary that Defined Destiny

Yanuj Sharma, CEO of Global Digital Solutions says, “Back in college, I was extremely clueless. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. So, I took various internships and landed a job for myself. I worked there for 3 years, but there wasn’t a single day when I felt passionate about what I did.

I’d heard of people who made money online. ‘Making money online is one of the easiest things to do’ was quite the tagline back then. So, I decided to give it a shot. I’d come home from work and research all night. And, it didn’t take a lot of research before my bubble burst. Certainly, making money in the digital field was equally hard. Nevertheless, it was the kind of hard work that I wanted to do.

I was fascinated by digital marketing. So, I took up my first internship in an agency. And while I was finally passionate about what I was doing, there were plenty of challenges that came along. Overnight, my income went from 40,000 per month to 3,000 per month. The working hours were no longer 10-5, but 9-6. Unlike before, I had to travel on a bus. This career switch turned my life upside-down. Nonetheless, I was happy.

I had a dairy, where I’d written all my life goals. And trust me none of them would’ve been fulfilled with a pay of 3000 Rs. But, I was certain that one-day digital marketing would lead me to my goals. I learned the nitty-gritty of the field, reached out to a few mentors, and got placed in a full-time role. I was finally in a job that I loved waking up to. But then, I remembered the diary.

Surely, I was in the right direction. However, the question was, ‘Am I going at the right pace?’. I believed I had more potential. So, I decided to start my own company –

Global digital solutions. I only had 1 lakh rupees in my bank account. There were a lot of questions running through my mind – ‘How will I pay my employees? What if this startup doesn’t work? How am I going to find the right teammates?’ But, there was one question that was the loudest of them all – ‘Ab risk nahi lega toh kab lega?’

And, here I am today – 2 startups and 11 teammates later – Living a life that was once limited to the pages of my Dairy. Goals sirf bolne se nahi, aage badhne aur karne se pure hote hai and I’m glad maine kar dikhaya.”

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