Who is AroosaAlam?


Who is AroosaAlam?

AroosaAlam is a Pakistani journalist with alleged links to Pakistan’s secret service ISI, according to the deputy CM of Punjab Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa. The matter came into light when Deputy CM of Punjab Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa said earlier that Punjab government will conduct a probe into the links between ISI and AroosaAlam, who has been visiting the Punjab’s ex-CM Amarinder Singh for many years.

Hitting back at the comments by the Deputy CM, the former Punjab CM in a series of tweets, through his media adviser, mentioned how AroosaAlam has been visiting India from the past 16 years with due diligence and permission from the Government of India.The Former CM questioned the deputy CM if he was suggesting a collusion between prior governments of India with the ISI. He also pointed out that the Deputy CM Randhawa never complained about her when he was a minister under Captain Amarinder’s government. Amarinder Singh accused Randhawa of making personal attacks against him.

Later, a picture was tweeted captioned “Just by the way” by RaveenThukral, media adviser to Capt. Amarinder Singh. The picture showed AroosaAlam and Congress’ interim President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi shaking hands in a meeting like set up.


AroosaAlam, 66, is a defense journalist of Pakistan who started her journalism career in 1986. She rose upto fame in 1990 when she investigated the case of Agosta-90B submarine deals, which later led to the incarceration of Pakistan Naval Chief MansurulHaq.

AroosaAlam is the rumoured love interest of Captain Amarinder Singh. They both have denied the rumours and consider each other good friends.

Captain Amarinder Singh

Captain Amarinder Singh is the son of the last Maharaja of the princely state of Patiala. He was a school friend of Rajiv Gandhi and later joined the army. Captain has fought the 1965 Indo-Pak war. The title of Captain is the legacy of his service in the Indian army.

Post his military career, he joined hands with Congress and became the CM of Punjab 3 times. Captain Amarinder Singh has been a part of Indian National Congress from the past 58 years. While he seemed to have a close relationship with the Gandhi family, recent activities suggest otherwise. He specially had a problem with former Punjab Congress Chief Navjot Singh Siddhu and vice versa.

In 2017, a book on the life of Amarinder Singh titled “The People’s Maharaja” was written by author Kushwant Singh.


Situation in Punjab

Turmoil arose in the poll bound state of Punjab when Captain Amarinder Singh resigned from his Chief Minister’s office last month. Captain Amarinder mentioned being hurt over the treatment of his party, Congress, with him. He later left the party. The former CM has since then been having many meetings with different political party heads and stalwarts. Captain has announced to form a party and fight the elections against Congress.

Border security in Punjab

Punjab’s ex CM Amarinder Singh has been very vocal about cross-border drone shipments being made by the Pakistan Army and ISI. The seized drone shipments have been found to be filled with firearms ranging from AK-47s to handguns and grenades. He recently met with the home minister of India Amit Shah to discuss these cross-border firearms shipments.

Following his meeting, the area under BSF’s control has been increased from 15 KMs to 50 KMs.

Captain Amarinder in a recent interview said that these guns are just waiting for some agitated youth to pick up and use. He also mentioned the need for Farmers’ protest to be resolved amicably before the youth of the state gets impatient.

Punjab’s history has been marred with tumultuous years in the past with killings of many politicians, policemen and civilians. Captain having lived through those years does not wish to see Punjab go back to those times “in his lifetime”.

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