Whiskey – A Pawngel


Whiskey-I End At The Beginning.

Pawple! I am Whiskey, and I am a nugget for a dog. But I want to share with you my short-lived memories.

I was born and raised in a not-so decent breeding-centre in Kampala, Uganda, where many of my siblings took birth too. It was not necessarily the best place for us, for we kept running and playing and sleeping in mud. We even ate the mud at times and it didn’t really taste as bad as our masters (you may call them breeders) would scold us for.

One fine afternoon, a giant Indian man came to look at me and my siblings but he adopted me and I didn’t really understand what was happening. Before I knew it, I was picked and cleaned thoroughly, then placed in a car where I enjoyably peed twice and then was brought to this home. The home consisted of two giant Indian boys who were brothers and they already had another big pupper (the audacity). Fun Fact: The pupper was my half-sister. Sister from Another Mister. Or whatever you hoomans call it nowadays.

She was always jealous of me. She kicked me, stamped on me, and then would bite me at times, try to lift me up. But the most disgusting thing she did was smell my butt. I mean, who does that?

Things were going fine. I got tortured and fed. Got tonnes of kisses. But after three days, something happened. I couldn’t eat anymore. I felt some pain in my body. And my parents noticed it. They rushed me to the hospital and I was checked and was injected with an IV needle. I was given medicines that I couldn’t eat. The next day, they realized that I had some dog’s version of the coronavirus. No? That isn’t the same? Okay. It’s called the Parvovirus. My parents were told that I would not survive and they began crying at the hospital. (That was the most embarrassing moment of my life).

They shifted me to a different hospital where I was kept under constant observation (no privacy) and in the middle of the night, I was freed of my body. When my parents came to see me, they saw my limp body and cried again. (Like, wtf?)

I am an Angel now. I watch from above when my parents are weird. I smile and bark. But they can’t hear me anymore. 

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