What do we expect from Season 3 of Sex Education?

Our favourite students of Moordale high are coming back on 17th September. What can be more exciting than that? 

After Netflix released the trailer of Sex Education, audience all over the world are going crazy with their own set of interpretations. 

Like everyone else, we too have some expectations from Season 3 of Sex Education. 

Let’s take a look at them – 

Does Season 3 of Sex Education stay true to its previous seasons?

Sex Education

Sex Education Season 3: What’s the hype all about? 

Sex Education is a teen-comedy show which has been praised for its inclusive and diverse take on sex and sexuality among teenagers. 

The previous two seasons focused on the relationships of the protagonist Otis and his friend Eric. After the cliffhanger ending of season 2, the audience has been waiting for the next season to drop. Due to covid-19, Season 3 got delayed by almost six months. 

The audience is already speculating about Eric and Adam’s relationship. Fan theories are going on about the future of Ola and Lily’s relationship. 

We are really looking forward to Aimee’s character arc. The audience thinks it’s important to focus on her story in the next season. 

But, now it’s here! 

Netflix released the trailer for the next season of Sex Education and everyone is going nuts. 

Will Otis and Maeve finally be together in Season 3? What about Ruby and Otis? Will the new head teacher, Hope, be good or bad? Will Adam come out to his family and friends? Why is Otis having a moustache? What happened to Rahim? 

Questions like these are constantly buzzing in the minds of the audience. 

We understand you too are restless to know the answers of at least some of these questions. Well, we cannot say anything before September 17. But here are our intelligent guesses based on the statements of both  critics and audience. 

What does critics say about Season 3 of Sex Education?  

Speaking on the new trailer of Sex Education, Mashable says “the trailer will make you want to throw all your crap in your backpack, jump on your bike, and careen through the Welsh countryside to Moordale.” 

Independent thinks that in its third outing, the series remains cringingly honest and engagingly heartfelt, with just the right amount of pathos and the occasional outrageous sight gag.” They also believe that Season 3 of Sex Education focuses more on different characters other than Otis and Eric. 

E! Online is hopeful of the new season. Season 3 of Sex Education will introduce a lot of new characters including a new headteacher who supposedly looks stricter than the former headteacher Mr. Groff.  Jason Isaacs is playing Peter Groff, Mr Groff’s more successful and not very modest older brother; recording artist and songwriter. Dua Saleh who joins in their acting debut, playing Cal, a non-binary student at Moordale; and Indra Ové who plays Elsie’s foster mum Anna.

Sex Education

Season 3, Sex Education: What does the audience say?  

More Fan theories on Sex Education Season 3 

Stans of Sex Education have always shipped Otis and Maeve together. So, it goes without saying that they are looking for more Motis screen time. However, some people are in a dilemma, they seem to equally like Otis and Ruby together. 

After the jaw dropping ending of season 2, fans are infuriated over the character of Issac. Some of them are tired of seeing him on screen. The trailer of Season 3 shows Issac, so we don’t think his screen time is going to cut short. 

There seem to have wide ranging debates and discussions on the one true pairing – whether it is Otis and Ruby or Otis and Maeve?

We have no idea what will happen. The show creators can take it anywhere from here. 

Nevertheless we are eagerly waiting for September 17. We have marked our calendars. Have you marked yours too? 

Don’t forget to comment below your speculations and expectations from Season 3 of Sex Education

Also, let us know if you are team Ruby and Otis or team Maeve and Otis. 

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