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WEgo: We Empower Going Original

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Anuja Paingankar

WEgo: We Empower Going Original

“As a young entrepreneur, I strongly believe that nothing is possible until you go and explore your ideas across the world. Growing up in India recycling wasn’t the most consequential, but back in Germany it is a way of life and that’s what gave me the idea to start my brand of sustainable and recycled products. Being a nature enthusiast, it seemed the perfect way to contribute my part.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I always aspired to do something of my own, and that has been the main driving force behind WEgo. ‘We Empower Going Original’   is our tagline. We as an organization not only yearn to increase the use of recycled products but also believe in empowering the laid-back groups of our society.

We have made a constant effort to reach out to rural areas for our production team. Creating new employment opportunities while producing recycled and revamped products is what we anticipate. Producing leather articles from vegetables that are 100% recyclable is one of our many ways to provide traditional Indian fashion with an added touch of sustainability.

Starting as an organization amid the pandemic and operating between two different countries hasn’t been a cakewalk, the variation between the Indian and German market is also quite unpredictable.

Despite all the odds, the satisfaction I get at the end of each day knowing that I’ve done my part and this is my little way of contributing to the climate crisis is what keeps me going. I aspire this year to be what I like to call a ‘recovery year’. WEgo as a brand longs to knock more doors with their sustainable way of living.

More than the numbers, it’s the notion of promoting recycling that fuels us. Revamping people’s mindset about sustainability and chauvinism is now my main motto with WEgo. Delivering quality recyclable products while we hold onto our classic desi designs is our way of meeting customer demands.

We as a brand have a long way to go, WEgo aims to provide sustainable products by considering its responsibility towards society and the planet. Our vision is to make every individual aware about using sustainable products that would not only save our planet but also allow smaller entrepreneurs for providing traditional fashion.”

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