Vishal Sodhi-An Example To Live By

An Example To Live By: Vishal Sodhi

In 2015 I was living my student life like every other student. I was never into studying, but I was extremely ambitious. Even when I dreamt of making myself big, I did not have the direction and more so the right platform.

I met the alumnus of my college to understand what I could do in my life. I researched, asked my teachers, and reached a conclusion that the field I was into, B.Pharm, only offered an average salary to students even with good grades. 

My ambitions were way bigger, and I wanted to stand out. Amidst all the research and the analysis, I came across a  brand of skincare and beauty products. 

While I was doing my degree, I worked with them and earned my first salary, which was 1600, and I was made fun of as the pay was extremely less to start with. I had a staunch belief in what I was doing, and I knew there was no looking back. My payout spiked in the coming months. I crossed a lakh in the next year, and the company offered me to go to Dubai. I gifted my parents a car at the age of 23. My pay kept on increasing with every coming year, and unexpectedly today, I am above the mediocrity just as I had manifested. 

I have traveled the world, made my dreams come true, with my Range Rover and an estimate salary of 3 Lakhs per month, I believe in working harder to achieve more milestones in life.

I am self-made, and through my story, you will know that I have started from scratch. Today my company and I are helping people who have been thrown out of their jobs and students who are unemployed. 

My only message today to the youth is the best gift that you can give yourself is getting out of your comfort zone and believing in yourselves, just as I did!

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