A Promising Author: Vishakha Bhola

Pushing herself to break the glass ceiling, Vishakha Bhola wrote her musings in her debut book “Violins and Wine” – which is all about reality, heartbreak, love, longing, inspiration and self-care. She is an independent woman, who has left other’s opinions behind and now powerfully struts on her own red carpet. She’s determined to never look back in life and make the world a better place than it was yesterday. Let us read what the young poet has in her mind.


Questions and answers

How did you find the perfect balance between working and penning down your thoughts for your book, ‘Violins and Wine’?

I believe in being systematic and organized in my approach. To do this, I pen down my thoughts in a raw form and then I transform it into a meaningful musing later.

What are some of the challenges you faced in releasing some of your more personal work to the world?

People used to question my abilities, but I was hell-bent on doing what I’m passionate about. It was challenging to make other people believe in me, so I always trusted my intuition rather than other’s opinions.

As a writer what has been your motto in life?

No matter how many times anyone pulls me down, I always rise up. I truly believe in moving forward in my life.

Can you talk to us about the most memorable incident in your profession?

There’s no one memorable incident that completely stands out for me. I believe in putting all my emotions and energies into my work. In doing this, I am able to make each day memorable and productive.

What was the ideation behind the name ‘Violins and Wine’?

Violins seize my soul and I have an undying love for wine. Both these things uplift my mood very romantically, and that’s how I derived the name Violins and Wine.

What is the event in your life that you took inspiration from to pen down this line,” Be bold enough to turn the tables around, make your own red carpet and walk on it.”

When I was going through a difficult phase in my life, I decided to travel on my own path and not be dependent on anyone. That’s when this powerful line came into being.

What is your vision for 5 years down the line?

I believe in living each day to the fullest and being my own person. I want a better world for myself with each passing day and expect the same for 5 years from now.

Being an author who bared her soul out through her writings so marvelously, what is your message to budding writers who hesitate to put it all on the line?

During my journey, I learnt not to be afraid of my thoughts, and how to truly let them out. Maybe that’s something budding writers can put into practice. Trusting my gut instinct has always helped me grow and I know that my best is yet to come!

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