Vinita- A Fashion stylist and influencer.


Vinita-My journey of becoming a fashion stylist and influencer

Vinita says, “As far as I could remember, I used to follow actors passionately and had a ferocious appetite about their fashion style. My admiration for them exceeded limits, and I couldn’t seem to say no to know more about them, to a point where more was less.

So the thought of pursuing a career in fashion designing/ styling was not ‘why?’ but ‘why not?’.

An Indian girl could either score well or get married, and I scored well enough to get a seat in at HR College.

ย I was very much into fashion, the reason I landed Mumbai, and I was right to do so since it helped me hone my fashion skills to the ‘T.’

ย I finally opted for a fashion designing course. It was a two-year certificate course in fashion designing, and I don’t know how I convinced my parents, but it worked. INFDI rose me to a platform where I could display and perfect my work, which boosted my confidence. How much did I hone my skills, you ask? Well, I wouldn’t say much, but my garment displayed in the New York fashion week for which I got a certificate in styling, and a letter of appreciation speaks for itself.

ย So after two years, I flipped from just being passionate about fashion to forging my career in it. I had all these plans to join FAD School of Styling Mumbai, for which I also got selected with the offer letter signed for the batch 2020, but it wouldn’t be life if it went your way and the lockdown took place. I wasn’t planning to be idle, and apparently, the London School of Trends and I share the same spectacle. So I’m taking online courses now. On the side, I started uploading my styling content on Instagram.

I also got my B.Com degree and certification in Fashion Designing just this year, which has been the best thing that has happened this year.

Finding your niche is only the first step in this tiring process of perfection; consistency is the catalyst. I started developing content and filled my feed with IGTV videos. My Instagram blew up with appreciation and praise. To think I was just someone who believed her dreams were too distant to achieve has turned into someone who’s living them.”

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