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Venikkaa Sukhija is a professional tarot reader and a certified life coach. She has been practicing tarot card reading for two years now and is no regular tarot reader as she works with Archangels.

5 Min Bit With Venikkaa Sukhija

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Venikkaa Sukhija is a professional tarot reader and a certified life coach. She has been practicing tarot card reading for two years now and is no regular tarot reader as she works with Archangels. Venikkaa Sukhija follows her own pattern and psychic abilities to read cards and is known to always make accurate predictions. Venikkaa is International Women Achiever Awardee 2021 in the field of Tarot Card Reading and Angel Healing. She has also been awarded at the national level as The Real Super Woman in the field of Life Coaching and Tarot Card Reading. Have a look at this interview where Venikkaa Sukhija talks about her profession as a tarot, shares some interesting experiences with us, and talks about the importance of mental health.

Venikkaa Sukhija


Questions and answers

What was it about Tarots that attracted you in the first place and how were you first introduced to this art?

I wanted to begin my career as a life coach as I was very passionate about preaching to people and unleashing their inner power. I spoke to a tarot reader two years back via call and within those 45 minutes, I was so inspired that I requested her to coach me and that was how I started learning in January 2019. I was intuitively sharp and the psychic reading seemed to be a great mix
to relate to me.

With regards to your clientele base, what has been your greatest challenge?

I live in a very small town in Punjab, near the Pakistan border. You don’t get much client base here so I resorted to the online mode where you meet so many people and I was faced with a lot of questions and challenges where I had to make people believe me. I had to earn their trust. The angels have helped me convince them and make them understand this art. During those sessions, they become happy and regularize it.

Could you tell us about some of your most memorable incidents dealing with skeptics?

There are many, but to quote one, during the lockdown, I conducted a workshop. I was talking to a career counselor and she shifted to one of her rooms and I predicted her habits after which she became very skeptical and told me that whatever I said was completely true. I also predicted what a client ate before meeting me and these are some of the interesting experiences.

Can you tell us about your experience when you won the International Women Achiever Award?

That was beyond a dream come true moment for me. I was selected because they liked my work. The feeling of winning my first international award and holding the memento in my hand is indescribable.

As a life coach, what keeps you motivated towards your job every day?

I have faced a lot of challenges, especially when my family faced political harassment but I have always remained positive. I don’t know what kind of energy it was; maybe it was karmic debt from a past life. But whenever I’m feeling low, a client comes to me who needs a motivational push, it helps me as well. Being empathetic and lifting others has always been therapeutic for me.

What, in your opinion, is the most rewarding aspect of being a life coach?

The most rewarding aspect I would say is to pull people out of the circle of negative energy. Everyone goes through their share of pitfalls in their lives and nothing can be more rewarding than helping them get through that and feel better about themselves again. It feels like a big achievement.

Could you tell us about your journey with Seraphic Gem?

This was something that was chosen randomly. This is connected to serenity and divine being. I was going through Instagram and I decided to get myself registered by using this name as a trademark. This gem has boosted me and made me feel like I am a gem and I am here to spread it. This seraphic gem has visions in mind, which enables us to share and spread this divine light
throughout the world.

When talking about health, most people often neglect mental health. How do you think we can create greater awareness among people regarding this issue?

We always focus on the physical aspect of our health and often neglect mental health. Many people manifest anxiety and they don’t realize that they’re unhappy. People need to make happiness not a target but a way of life. Reading Bhagwat Gita, The Bible, and other religious books is the secret, as they inform us about the positive sides of mental health. It’s not always about the need of being forcefully happy but to be genuinely happy from the inside.

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