Pauses are Imperative

Pauses are Imperative

Growing up in Kota, the hub of producing IITians, I was enchanted towards engineering and decided to opt for PCM in my 11th. However, my marks weren’t as determined as I was, and I couldn’t get into an engineering college of my choice. I was ready to blow out of the water and join the college, but Papa coaxed me to take a drop year and get into one of the top colleges.

At first, I was very reluctant to take a gap year, while all my fellow mates moved ahead with their academics. But it was my family’s constant support and faith in me that helped me daunt past that year.

‘Kabhi nahi Socha tha, that one year will entirely change my life’. I decided to put a full-stop to my chemical engineering dream and pursue business studies and moved to Mumbai to prepare for my SAT’s.

Coming from a joint family, staying all by myself in Mumbai was quite challenging at first. I had a lot of time on my hands and decided to explore various fields like dance, acting and art alongside my studies.

I even remember that spontaneous day when I decided to take the Anupam Kher’s acting classes. Staring on an under-confident and disheartened note, eventually, that year turned out to be a remarkable journey.

I even got into my favourite business, ivy league college Babson and moved to the US.Apart from my drop year, the acne had a significant role in scumbling my confidence throughout my teenage years. I wanted to give it back by launching Amaya Ayurveda and promoting natural old school ‘nuskas’ for skincare. I have to admit, if it weren’t for the drop year, I wouldn’t have the spunk to launch and promote my brand.

Life has never been the same after that year, and it was such a saturation point in my life that I only kept moving ahead and never looked back until now when I moved to London a month ago for my masters. I’m locked in for a while now, and it often reminds me of the drop year. Unlike the last time I’m very affirmative that it’s not the end of my rope, but rather exhilarated on what, these winds of change have to offer this time.

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