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Self Reflection with Vanshika!

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Vanshika Sharma

Self Reflection with Vanshika!

Not long ago, I discovered my inner self. My brain loves management, and my heart loves creativity. So my soul suggested amalgamating the fields I have a passion for and experience in! 

I must say my love for creativity developed during my undergraduate. I used to give people handmade gifts. One of my friends suggested that I open a page on Instagram and sell handmade products. After college, I worked for hours and started my Instagram page. It was a hit, and I reached 2k followers and several customers. 

I believe in hard work. So I provided my products to customers through a tight schedule during undergraduate studies. The only thing I’d tell everyone out there is that hard work pays.

As time flew, I chose to pursue a PGPM course in Mumbai. It took most of my time due to long lectures. To top it all, I had to travel a lot & got an opportunity to work at the Bombay Management Association (BMA). Due to this, I gradually put a lid on the page.

After my internship, I got placed in a marketing firm with a good package. But something didn’t feel right. My inner-self kept calling me. I felt something missing. It was related to myself- that creative side, that passion which wanted me to follow it.

I must confess- I always had a dream of opening my clothing brand. This was the reason I could not focus on anything else. Nowadays, people sell everything on Instagram, and I thought, why not me? I have not studied fashion designing. I always had an undying interest in fashion. I knew how to put colors together and design.

I launched my brand vinfashionbyvanshika on August 1. My first piece got sold in seconds. With the support of my family, I can do what I am doing today. Whenever I am down, they lift me.

There was constant fear— if people didn’t like it, they wouldn’t buy it. I had an excellent corporate job, and I left it for doing online business. I feared judgment and mockery. But one thing I have learnt from my experiences is that one should not have regrets, despite the outcome. I don’t want to look at myself five years down and wonder if I could do things differently.

I have learned to make myself happy, and things have fallen in place.

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