Underrated Hindi songs of 2021 we should vibe on

Ever came across a person and wondered why haven’t you met them before? Yes, right! That’s precisely how you  feel when you come across an underrated song while aimlessly scrolling through your music playlist, and it’s so beautiful that you curse  the whole world a little for keeping it hidden from your senses.Suddenly,you have an inner urge to enlighten your loved ones with these hidden gems.These songs just hit you in the right places and  levitate you to an unknown world instantly. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a list for you of underrated hindi songs of 2021 which are definitely worth your time.


1) Ananya 

Artist- Arijit Singh


Released – 2021.

The latest song beautifully portrays the budding chemistry between the newlyweds.It sings of a small little world of those in love filled with a sense of being a complete whole. The song does not fail to soothe your senses and it, definitely, does not fail to leave you in a serene mood in the end.

The lines “Haule Haule Jo Dil Mein Jaga

Pyaar Hai Bas Wo Tumhara

Dheere Dheere Jazbaat Jeete

Main Jaan Bhi Dil Bhi Haara” show how love brews slowly but strongly in our heart and eventually makes a home of its own in it.

2) Gul

Artist – Anuv Jain

This underrated song is like a reminder which tells us to keep faith in the universe in moments of self-doubt.When love messes you up and breaks your heart, you become a little chaotic.Your mind and inner critic constantly put you to test.This song perfectly answers your inner dilemmas and encourages you to believe in your magic once again.

“Aur tum yoon parayshaan ho kyun?

Hai jaadugari aaj bhi

Tere dil mein hai baki

Aur in kagazon mein kahin

Ek GUL hai jo aise tera intezaar kar raha hai

Yeh gul hai teri woh hassi

Kahan kho gai?

Yeh bata, khilegi kabhi?”

Listen to this hindi song and let the music sip in and fill the cracks of your heart. Let the lyrics purge your soul of your pain. Let your smile brighten your face again.

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3) Aisa kyun

Artist- Raghav Chaitanya, Nikhita Gandhi

Movie- Mismatched


Though the song was released towards the end of 2020, it still remains underrated , hence deserves a special mention in this list. The song is mostly acoustic. It portrays the phase of falling in love with the right amount of ‘awww’ moments.

Each line of the song like these ones 

“Ho ek din hole se 

Tujhse hai ye puchhna

Raate teri bhi thodi 

Firozi firozi si hai bhi kya” 

make you blush a little from inside. It’s worth your time a hundred times.


4) Khaare Raste 

Artist- Raghav Kaushik

Released- 2021

The song captures the surprisingly intense desire of lovers to stay connected with their beloved despite all the hurdles and struggles of their relationship.

The lines “Manjur hai har gham dil ko

Bas le chal sang apne humko

Tere bina jeena kya hai

Jaise sab beparwah hai”  hold the whole essence of the song. The background music of the flute is the cherry on the top.

5) Thode kam ajnabi

Artists- Himani Kapoor,Arijit Singh

Movie- Pagglait

Released -2021

There are certain things which feel like warm hugs like a cup of coffee, a hot shower, a perfect bite and then comes this song. The song is nothing, but about giving a new chance to your life.

When your head is swamped with a swarm of denoms you should give yourself a luxury of perspective and this song serves the luxury in the form of hope.A hope for a new life,a new day, and a new way.

“Khwahishein Nayi

Hothon Ke Mundero Pe

Chipi Hai Dheron

Choti Choti Si Khushi

Ho Oo Aa Aa

Thode Se Kam Ajnabi

Acchi Si Lage Hai Zindagi”

It’s time to add these latest hindi songs to your playlist and play them on loop. Each has its own mood and own emotions. The music and lyrics of the songs mentioned merge together into a magical whole. Let these songs define your emotions and give words to your feelings. We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we do. Keeping this in mind, let us all make a little promise to ourselves to find more such underrated gems and share them with the world.

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