Umang Joshi: Real life Bunny!

Umang Joshi

Umang Joshi: Real life Bunny!

” I believe in creation, be it music, content, or theater, I give in my all to create. I’ve always chosen experiences over numbers, even as a creative producer at Fever FM, and Radio jockey at big FM and Radio city or as a dubbing artist lending his voice to famous personalities like Virat Kohli, A.R Rehman, Ranveer Singh, and Umesh Kamat, or learning Guitar by my own I’ve been a sucker for experiences.

Little did I know back then that in my quest for the creation and new experiences I will become one of the Indian Achievers’ Award holders as a multi-talented Artist. As much as I loved this tag, nothing would match my happiness when called a Musafir.

Of all the experiences I’ve had, the best ones are associated with travel. Growing up I was always curious about the space and universe, gazing at the sky I always thought that the mountains had the answers to my questions as they were the closest to the sky.

Triund in Dharamshala was my first ever trek. As excited as I was to seek my answers, I did complete the trek but it was very hard. Mountain climbing is way beyond just trekking, it requires stamina, courage, and willpower as well, it was that day when I took up a challenge to climb all the highest peaks in India, and there has been no looking back ever since.

What eventually started as a challenge turned into love, ‘ Bahut Kam hote hai jo Sukoon ki talash main pahad chadthe hai, aur is Sukoon ki talash main Mujhe Inn pahado Se Pyar ho gaya’. Best views do come from the hardest climbs but the silence at the mountain peak is just surreal!

Being in the highest altitudes ignited the spunk to fly in me. Being Acrophobic, I was skeptical to go paragliding. But the seeker in me wouldn’t let that happen! My first ever paragliding experience wasn’t any less than that guy who went viral a couple of months ago. I was under the constant fear of my walky-talky switching off. As much as I feared ‘ What if I don’t land ‘, being in the air is by far the most compelling experience I’ve had.

That dopamine rush after landing is worth risking it all! Yet again, I was in love and so much that I went on to jump off the cliffs 13 more times and become a certified Paraglider.

I can never get enough of the mountains and their people; they’ve taught me some of the most crucial life lessons. After traveling for so many years and having all these exhilarating experiences on my plate I may be at peace, but not at rest; kyunki Everest chadhna Abhi Baki hai mere dost!

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