Ullas Agarwal: Confidence, The Key to Success

Confidence, The key to success- Ullas Agarwal

Following three years of culinary school, I began working at Aman Resorts, Delhi. It was the start of my profession. From that point, I went to numerous spots and increased a great deal of work insight.

During my work in Bangalore, I had met with an accident. I usually had long working shifts from early mornings till late at night. Once while I was on my way on my bike, I met with an accident with an auto-rickshaw. I severed major injuries. My left hand was completely broken, and my right wrist was injured badly. So I had to take a break for one year. I went to Chandigarh during that time and taught in a college as an Assistant Professor.

After completing my teaching, I went to Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, Mauritius as the Demi Chef De Cuisine. The owner of the resort personally requested Head Chef to make sweets for Diwali for 2500 employees to be packed in the sweet boxes. We had to work continuously for around three days in the kitchen which was an achievement for me.

After I came back from abroad, I joined my senior in her work; however, soon I realized that it was not again something which I wanted to do. I started working as a recruiter in job searching company and worked with many other companies and in different fields like advisor, HR and recruiter.

I had one terrible experience and it was a significant let down in my profession, while I was working with a liquor organization as the HR Manager, I got hitched in those days, and because of some serious misunderstanding, I got fired. This seriously affected my wellbeing, and I endured a tremendous mental trauma. My better half (Smriti) upheld me during that time. My parents and my in-laws were big-time uphold in my hard days.

My wife advised that I ought to go on an excursion and that get-away achieved an extreme change in me. I regained my self-confidence. Fortunately, one of my dear companion Vibhanshu Raj turned into my saviour and helped me in getting the meeting at Ferns N Petals, and I packed away the work. I adored working for this organization, and my occupation as an HR showed me a ton. I have developed and sharpened my aptitudes definitely.

When I left the hospitality industry to become a recruiter, I was not sure about myself as I had changed my career line entirely and I knew nothing except cooking. It was a tough and indecisive phase of my life. It was my confidence that helped my tide through it, and I love my job, and I am content with whatever I have today.

My current team at FNP has won many awards such as Best Emerging HR Strategy of the Year, Future of Workplace Award, Best Employee Experience Tech Solution Provider of the Year under the guidance of my mentor Mr. Nishant Madhukar.

I want to bring a change in the HR industry by giving jobs to the needy, along with people who have the right kind of attitude and confidence. Education and work experience should not be the ultimate criteria for selection.

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