Trendy Outfits for Diwali,2021

Diwali is just a blink away and you don’t want to be dressed in a blend of mundane designs and monotonous shades of an outfit. So, why not add some crisp to your wardrobe after this not-so-wanted home arrest and get a chance to flaunt your stylish looks.

If you are a woman deciding which traditional outfit to thrive for or a man struggling with a kurta texture, we have got your back for this.


Let’s dive in 3 outfits women can nail this festive season-

1.Saree screams sophistication

Even though saree is a must have in a women’s wardrobe, it’s more about the way you drape it than owning it. Wearing a saree and then nailing it is the best thing you can do this Diwali and what’s better than to learn from the finest?!

Komal Pandey’s exclusive look in a saree draped in the way that leads her to make a bold statement with minimal jewelleries can be your inspiration this Diwali.

2. Blouses and Lehengas are a must!!

Do you even remember any festival when blouses and lehengas were packed up far away from your reach? No, right!! So, why this time? Don’t let blouses and lehengas make you feel old and add a trendy twist to your stylish semblance.

Let This Boho Girl on Instagram unfold the mystery of this trend and get inspired by her heartthrob attire.

3. Red is your Colour

Since ages, red colour and Indian rituals have shared a strong bond when it comes to women outfits, so what is left to wonder? This Diwali dwell in the colour of traditions and rituals and yet reflects the new idea of our generation. Whether it be a red lehenge or a red anarkali just dive right in and flaunt the gorgeous colour on your beautiful Indian skin.

So, hereby we leave all the ladies to wonder if they want to make a statement, wear something traditional yet trendy or dwell in traditions this Diwali with style. Make your pick.

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Now, men’s worlds can be more than dull colour kurtas if they are open to exploration. So, let us jot down a few of the ideas of your outfits, here you go.!!

1. Floral isn’t girly

When it comes to men’s fashion, who better to look at then Ranveer Singh? Memes world aside, he is the only Bollywood star who is breaking fashion stereotypes for men and giving them a free world to choose their outfits. Wear a floral print shirt with bright hues to reflect Diwali vibes or just a plain kurta with an embroidered floral design. 

Let these half cut kurta jackets with a bunch of floral work help you make a bold statement.

2. White and black are Classic

This blend of white and black is like french fries and burger never forgotten or disliked, so let’s be classic this Diwali with some glimpses of trendy design. 

Ankush Bahuguna is known for his not-so-social conventions and fashionista in the world of Instagram. So, why not get inspired by the look he nailed this fall?!

A classic pair of black and white with horizontal layers to make it look more unconventional for our groundbreaking boy.

3. Sherwanis are not just for weddings

We know… sherwanis can be a lot sometimes, but it’s Diwali and why not show some groom superiority at your home? Complement your bride with a perfect sherwani look to be just a cherry on the cake of this Diwali fest.

Take a cup of inspiration from Ranbir Kapoor on your sherwani blend from royal blue with golden embroidery to solid maroon sherwani, he is a perfect person to search for your sherwani needs.

Now, we are going to let you decide whether you want to break stereotypes, be classic with contemporary or reflect some groom’s superiority this festive season.

Diwali can be a handful sometimes and choosing outfits just adds up some burden that’s the exact reason why we are here. Let your glamorous outfits and bold choices make the jaw drop of people around you because making a statement is a necessity in this world of fashion. Now, we leave it to your choice and here’s wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali


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