Poetry- The Rhythm Of My Life.

Traveling Stranger

Poetry- The Rhythm Of My Life.

One often stumbles upon a moment in life, when self-doubt becomes a battle. I let go of my job in the US. And so, I too have questioned my self-esteem. During my experience as an engineer, my life somewhat felt off-track.

Fear takes control of one’s mind, and one eventually feels trapped. I did too. But I had to get out of it. And I did that by looking for my passion and latching myself to it. 

I never walked down the road to follow my hobby. To be honest, I never understood how someone would look at a hobby as a profession. I began working on my productivity by reading, which eventually aroused my interest. While reading, I felt emotionally full, and reading those books showed me that there is a way to express these emotions in the form of artfully set words.

During my life as an engineer, my outlook was mostly based on logical analysis. But I did not let myself get into it more. I changed paths. I looked away from everything that I already knew. I turned to poetry. I wrote a poem called Lights On, where I expressed every emotion and formed them into thought-provoking ideas. That piece, in particular, gained a lot of appreciation from my friends.

I soon realized that one could look for their passion and fall in love again with it at any time in life. And I adore that fact of life. I could finally understand my worth beyond my work and career. Writing took me to places. I have won a couple of writing contests, and it only makes me better at it.

I, like many other writers around, write about nostalgia. I believe that’s what drives some of my audience to my work. It is a relatable emotion. The thrill of connecting with people inspired me to start my blog. I also have a passion for traveling. And so, I want to run away into the unknown- down the sunlit beaches or highest mountains. With my words by my side, I want to visit places and find myself some peace.

  1. Roshni Tuteja

    Traveling stranger thankyou for expressing your sentiments with brevity. Follow your passion and work hard to make it a profession requires a lot of optimism, understanding and being deeply rooted to it. All one needs to do is understand your worth, express your emotions and form thought provoking ideas that would make your dream come true.

  2. Annamica

    It is more than the word beautiful justifies. Top notch.
    You gave me a reason to ponder upon fact that choosing hobby as career is what I should do and nothing to feel low about it. Happy connecting on Instagram.

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