The Hungry Clones-Twinster foodies

Twin Food Bloggers consist of exactly what their title says- Twinister Siblings running a Food Blog. While Tanay studies Medicines and Trishika prepares for her Chartered Accountancy, the duo run their Instagram under their brand- The Hungry Clones. They simply describe themselves as Twins who love to eat. What drives their passion together and fulfills their hunger, is all they spill about in this chat with Storiyaan.


Questions and answers

How did you both come up with the idea of starting your food blogging page?

We have always been foodies. Love for food and trying out different cuisines and places led us to start our blogging page – ‘The hungry clones’, it’s been more than 2 and a half years, and the journey so far has been amazing!

You both have traveled to many places. Out of all of the places you’ve been to, which Indian cuisine is your favorite?

We both LOVE North Indian food, whether it be Chole Bhature for breakfast or DalMakhani, Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan for lunch!

Whenever you try out a new recipe, what is the first thought that comes to your mind?

If we are making recipes for the blog, as most of our audience are millennials, so it usually is: 

1. Easy and less time consuming

2. Reproducible by our followers

3. Ingredients available by most people

We are always fascinated to try gourmet and complicated recipes, it also comes with major cooking/baking fails. How it will taste and if successfully baked, are the first things that come in mind here.

Which dish is the closest to you, and you love cooking the most?

Anything with loads of CHEESE is our go to recipe, so pizza, pasta and sandwiches. At the same time we love baking things which call for chocolates; good, fudgy brownies or just a cake! Honestly, when we are really tired we love to experiment with different versions of maggi. 

What are the merits and demerits of being a food blogger?


-Sharing our passion with our amazing followers

-Always exploring and experiencing different cuisines and cultures

-Influencing others with our opinions and choices.




You have quite an unusual name for your blog. How did you come up with this name?

So it has a funny story behind it. Ever since we decided to start our blog, deciding the name took the longest time! During one of our night stays with our cousins, on a big whiteboard we wrote all the names that represent us- Foodies and our uniqueness being Twins, and we all voted amongst ourselves and finally came up with what you can now see ‘The Hungry Clones’.

Which is your all-time favorite dish?


Can you tell us in detail about the best meal that you have tried to date?

To be honest we can never decide one favourite dish, but the first thing that came to our mind:

1. Tanay: Butter Chicken Cheese-Burst Pizza at Joeys, Mumbai! It is to die for, I’m not even kidding!

2. Trishika: Thai Corn Cheese cake at Ruoofh-180, Tuli Imperial, Nagpur.

What, according to you, are the ingredients that can spice up any recipe?

1. For continental- anything with Cheese has to taste good!

2. For Indian- Paneer .

Have you had any bad experiences while traveling and trying out different types of food?

We are always fascinated to try out  fusion cuisine as we went to a very fancy place in Mumbai, and tried out Jack Daniels Dal Makhani, so the JD is flamed and poured over the dal makhani, and it costs a fortune. But to be very honest, it didn’t taste good at all.

What tips you would like to give to someone who wants to try food blogging?

1. Be you, Be Unique.

2. Consistency is the key, Post Regularly.

3. Engage with your followers/ Audience.

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