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Tenzin Chodon: A Life Worth Living

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Enchanting an audience is never easy, more so when the audience is as wide as the earth itself. Meet Tenzin Chodon, a Talk Show Host and an International Executive Coach. Tenzin Chodon is replacing the pandemic induced melancholy with joy, mirth and is giving a platform to share extraordinary success stories. Tenzin Chodon wishes to uplift people with hope and spread happiness when the world around us seems miserable. Apart from successfully hosting “The Tenzin Show”, she is also a Communication Trainer and a TEDx Speaker who has worked with high-profile diplomats and renowned personalities globally. Discover what motivates Tenzin Chodon in her endeavours in this immersive conversation with Storiyaan.

Tenzin Chodon

Tenzin Chodon: A Life Worth Living


Questions and answers

Was public speaking something that was innate in you or was it something that you developed over time with practice?

Partly yes, I have always been a confident public speaker innately; I enjoy communicating with a wide audience without breaking a sweat. Having said that, I believe that public speaking is still a skill which I had to master and hone over time by learning from my own experiences as a speaker and also by cultivating and practicing self-belief.

You have managed multiple careers. Can you elaborate a little on how you were able to do so?

Transcending norms is my favourite thing to do. I wanted to bust this myth that you cannot pursue multiple careers in your lifetime. Therefore, I worked twice as hard and pushed beyond of what I thought I was capable of. I was able to efficiently manage my multiple career roles by being disciplined and well-organised. Knowing how to switch between various roles has been really helpful.   

Now that “The Tenzin Show” is on its third season, tell us about your journey and how did you come to conceptualize it.

The show is the child of the pandemic and is born out of my desire to grow and embrace risks. The pandemic brought with it, suffering and grief. I wanted to motivate and accelerate people by sharing inspiring stories; Our guests are from diverse industries ranging from Hollywood and Bollywood Celebrities, to Scientists, Humanitarians, Authors and renowned Sports personalities. We invite our audience to get a glimpse of their life and their journey of success. 

As somebody who has shared the platform with several successful personalities, what according to you is success?

If I can make this world a better place for future generations to come and if my work impacts and adds value to the lives of people, that would be my ultimate success.

You were recently Interviewed on the “Women of Tibet Talk Show” by the Norway based media broadcasting station – Voice of Tibet and how did it act as an opportunity for you to motivate the Tibetan people?

The show brought my work in the communications industry as a Tibetan woman into spotlight. It was a great opportunity for me to reach Tibetans around the world and motivate them to dream higher. It was a humbling experience.

You have worked in close association with the His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama as a translation-compere. Can you relate to us how that experience has been for you?

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama is our spiritual leader. As a child, I would dream of meeting His Holiness one day and when I did, it felt surreal. I was awestruck and could sense euphoria within myself. I felt truly blessed and grateful being in his presence.

You have been associated with numerous humanitarian activities over time. What do you think of the stark economic disparities between the rich and the poor and what can change that according to you?

There is a vast financial dichotomy between the rich and poor, we must all take the responsibility of diminishing this glaring disparity. We must try to contribute to our respective communities and societies in some way or the other. I think it is extremely important to empower the underprivileged with education and employment opportunities.

In recent times, we have seen a rise in violence towards Asians, especially in the west. Do you believe it to be an aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, or do you think there has always been a deep-rooted racial discrimination in our society?

Racism is everywhere; in every culture. I think it has always been there in our society and the world. It is the prejudice and bias that leads to such racially targeted discrimination and which in turn takes the shape of violence.

Quick 5

1. Your greatest achievement according to you – Being in the presence of our Spiritual Leader His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama

2. One work ethic you have always adhered to –Being on time (punctuality)

3. Your daily dose of motivation –Being conscious of my mortality. Thinking of my death motivates me to make every second of my life count

4. Your greatest professional regret –Not pursuing Theatrics

5. One milestone you are yet to achieve – Publishing my book which is still in process and at the cusp of getting done

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