Tejasvi Desai

5 Min Bit With Tejasvi Desai

Tejasvi Desai is a Holistic Living Trainer, Tarot Card Reader and Numerology Expert who has been guiding people and empowering them to reach their highest potential for over 9 years. With her experience, she is well-known for her logical and tried and tested solutions to life’s problems.


She is an Electronics and Communications Engineer and has worked as a Lecturer in a reputed college. But being a sensitive and intuitive person, Tejasvi gravitated towards learning spirituality, yoga, positive psychology and different divination methods like Tarot and Numerology. Furthermore, she has trained hundreds of Tarot aspirants and has featured in several Astrology TV shows. Read more about holistic living, healing from blockages, discover the benefits of tarot reading and much more in this enlightening interview of Tejasvi by Storiyaan.

Tejasvi Desai

5 Min Bit With Tejasvi Desai


Questions and answers

When was the first time you stumbled upon the idea of empowering others through holistic living?

Since my teenage years, I used to observe the lives around me. I realised how everyone feels empty within them. Overtly successful people also suffer from depression and anxiety. Consequently, this realization drove me towards understanding how our core beliefs and thought processes impact our lives. And that’s how my journey of empowering others took off.  

Tell us something more about your course -The Ultimate Tarot Workshop. What does it include and what are the benefits of taking the course?

This is a complete practical workshop that starts from the history of tarot, how tarot works, the spiritual aspects of tarot, meanings and symbolism of all cards, and how it transcribes each card in different situations. It is for people who want to learn tarot professionally and everyone interested in Tarot. It is a 16 hours certified workshop.

Tell us something more about your course “Redefine Your Life”.

To live and create a happy and healthy life, you need to make changes on all levels including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Thus, to achieve a higher refined self, you need to work on cleaning your thoughts, emotional baggage etc which are acting as blockages. In the “Redefine Your Life workshop” we work on identifying the mental-emotional blockages and work on releasing those patterns and recreate a healthy and empowering belief system.


Since you began learning spirituality, what does spirituality mean to you and how can one acquire it?

Firstly, spirituality is not some “ THING “ which can be acquired. To me Spirituality is not about living some idealized “fantasy lifestyle”. It is about understanding the non- physical aspect of yourself. It is a process of discovering who YOU are, apart from the LABELS (Education, cultural programming, religious beliefs, etc.) you have given yourself. Practicing Mindfulness meditation and Pranayam techniques have helped me in becoming more aware of myself. Awareness is simply a process of honest self discovery.


Since holistic living is such an important aspect of our overall wellbeing. Could you throw some light on that?

It is only when we view ourselves from a holistic perspective that we realise that health is an overall state of being. Holistic living means taking care of your entire self – mind, body, emotions and soul. Each of these areas is connected and influence one another. For example, an overthinking person may develop physical symptoms like migraines. Therefore, when there is harmony and balance in our state of being only then we can effortlessly create the life we want.

How can the learning and understanding of tarot reading and cards help people to better themselves?

Tarot was a spiritual tool for guidance and counselling. Tarot cards are the pictorial representation of the information found in our subconscious mind. Thus, cards work as a mediator for the common people. They help us find the blockages and beliefs which are hindering us and simultaneously also advise on how to change them. Moreover, tarot cards are very helpful in making empowered decisions and better life choices.

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