5 Min Bit With Tejashri Acharya

Tejashri Acharya is a Certified Counsellor and a Parenting Expert who is leading the way in coaching parents to establish a loving bond and connection with their children.
As the Founder of “Joyful Minds”, Tejashri Acharya is conducting workshops, sessions and individual training on educational and parenting challenges that are personalised and curated according to individual needs. Her journey from a Child Educator and Counsellor to an Entrepreneur is one of remarkable skills and expertise. Learn more about human minds and behaviour in this insightful interview of Tejashri Acharya with Storiyaan.

Tejashri Acharya


Questions and answers

What initiated your fascination for psychology and how did a deeper understanding of the human psyche affect your perspective of the world around you?

I was destined to choose psychology as I developed a deep inclination for understanding the human mind and behaviour. My understandings of human psychology made me aware of certain behavioural traits in adults as very often people are products of their childhood; this also made me sensitive towards child psychology and its significance.

How did your knowledge of Child Psychology help you establish a healthier relationship with children?

My deeper understating of child psychology helped me navigate and connect with children – I could identify their triggers or what makes them anxious or what calms them. This ability to recognise and acknowledge their psychological attributes magnified my ability to bond and support them with personalised care.

You mentioned that “One career cannot suit all”, yet most parents these days, in the hope of establishing a “settled career” force their children towards medical and engineering, without taking into account their abilities. What is your opinion on dealing with this attitude?

When parents want their children to pursue secure careers, they do so out of good intentions. But having said that, a wise choice will be to identify your skills, talents and career path or seek career counselling which will also provide insight about your wishes to your parents.

Can you explain a bit about your NLP sessions and how it benefits your clients in the long run?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a psychological therapy that aids one in syncing their thoughts and behaviours. With NLP you can improve your time-management skills, concentration abilities, boost self-confidence or set clearer goals and objectives and achieve holistic development.

In the journey from an Early Childhood Educator to a Counsellor and Mentor, which would you consider the most daunting phase and why?

Each of the phases was daunting in its way. Being a childhood educator taught me about a child’s upbringing and interacting with them as a counsellor made me connect and understand the world from their perspective. Mentoring was a result of my years of experience and knowledge; so, none of these phases was any less laborious than the other.

“Joyful Minds” empowers people with self-designed courses from experts in the field. What is your research strategy when it comes to the formulation of these courses and how do you customise them with individual needs?

My qualification as a counsellor has always been fundamental to the research as I curate courses for an individual based on one on one sessions or after online form submissions which help me recognise their problems or issues. The personalised sessions precede the research process and this is the key for customised individual courses.

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