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5 Min Bit with Tarun Khanna

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Co-founder of Sprinng, Tarun Khanna, shares with Storiyaan his entrepreneurial journey with gluten-free diets. A gluten-free diet is a nutrition plan that can provide many health benefits, especially for those with celiac disease.

In this interview, Tarun Khanna talks about how gluten diets can bring health disorders and puts forward the benefits of having gluten-free yet luscious food. The satisfactory results have made more people take up healthy ways of living even without compromising. As said, ‘Health is the most significant wealth we have’, and to learn more about it, read more about it in the insightful interview.

Tarun Khanna


Questions and answers

Could you elaborate on how low gluten diets are beneficial for our health?

The gluten-free diet is for consumers who have an intolerance or insensitivity towards it, ie., Celiac disease, IBS, Crohn’s disease, some autoimmune disorders, autism spectrum, among others. This diet, either in part or whole, tends to benefit others, too, with positive effects like reduced bloating, not feeling heavy after meals, reduced acidity – it tends to result in a feeling of lightness, in general.

Tell us some more about SPRINNG entering the market and the story behind its name?

Rising cases of gluten intolerance had set the stage in India for an international quality brand to enter the market and present a delicious, global standard GF product. As for the name, we wanted to attach positive, generic attributes to our name rather than linking to an attribute. So the lightness of Sprinng was linked to having a ‘spring in your step’, springiness is desired quality in baked products, and finally, Sprinng being the season of new beginnings!

What was the most daunting phase of your journey, and who was your primary support?

The biggest challenge was to find a like-minded production partner who would be willing to follow the most vital practices needed to produce Gluten Free food. Creating a contaminant-free environment where our products could be produced securely was also very difficult. With time (& a lot of effort), we found someone who believed in the same principles, and since then, working has been easy and motivating. They are clearly our biggest support system!

What are the changes one can find in themselves after one starts eating gluten-free diets?

From our customers’ responses & feedback, most people say that a gluten-free diet makes them feel very light and they feel an apparent reduction in bloating & acidity.

Today, Sprinng has been a successful food brand ever since its launch. What were some of your strategies to let people know about the brand?

We worked putting all our efforts keeping three things in mind. Firstly, no compromise in food quality during production; secondly, comfortable pricing, and thirdly, it should be easily accessible & available.

Doctors and dietitians are now suggesting eating healthy in this pandemic. What are some foods that people must avoid owing to the fact that our movements are restricted?

We don’t comment on people’s dietary choices. We only say that if they’ve decided or have been advised by their medical practitioner (or nutritionist) to follow a gluten-free diet, then we make the best products in India.

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