5 Min Bit with Sweta Maheshwari

“We deserve to re-design our life the way we want”, remarks Sweta with a firm conviction.

Sweta Maheshwari is a Happiness and Life Design Coach and the Founder of Re-Design Your Life. With her expertise, she ensures that everyone finds their goals, motivations and enjoys a flourishing life without any regret.

Sweta is also consumed by wanderlust and is the President of WB state for WICCI (Culture and Tourism). While refashioning and guiding others can be her forte, she is also a Parent Volunteer of AFS, a decor enthusiast, a skilled baker and a proud pet mom. Read more to know about her key to happiness and more in this immersive conversation with Storiyaan.

Sweta Maheshwari


Questions and answers

When did you arrive at your decision to pursue a career as a Happiness and Life Design Coach?

I have always been a ray of happiness and sunshine for my close ones, I am a good listener, non-judgmental and trustworthy. When I recognized these abilities, I decided to strive for a career where I can help more people achieve happiness. 

You said that redesigning your life is very much your own story. Can you elaborate on how, and what factors motivated you to start the programme?

There comes a time in everyone’s life, when we wish to unlearn old patterns of thinking or behaviour and embrace newer positive ones. When we decide to actively invest in this change of thought we can redesign our own story.

Can you tell us about one client that touched you the most and how did it affect you personally?

One of my clients came to me when she was completely shattered – without support from anyone and completely on her own. After attending my sessions, she had a better resolution and will; took charge of her own life and found clarity.

As a Travel Enthusiast, what were the major changes in your perspective of the world that travelling to different places brought about?

Travelling has changed my perspective of women empowerment and mindset regarding family values of people from various backgrounds. It made me appreciate care and comfort and believe in the power of a hospitable environment.

What turned out to be the most favourite aspect of being a Life Design Coach and how do you deal with cases which tend to be overwhelming even for you?

The most favourite aspect of being a life design coach is to be able to connect with people and provide them with a safe space to confide in.

I deal with overwhelming cases by meditation, exercise, being non-judgmental, spending time with kids and pet.

What do you think of YouTubers who provide Life Coaching despite not being certified coaches?

Although I won’t judge anyone for trying to help people, I feel a certification adds to your methods and skills and also provides a feeling of reassurance to your clients.

Can you tell us about the most interesting incident of your career as a President of WB State for WICCI (Culture and Tourism)?

The most interesting part is that I get to explore the hidden treasures of Bengal. From Food to Tourism, Culture to History, Trade to Markets, I saw Bengal in a New Light. Immersing myself in this grandeur makes me feel extremely fortunate.

What is the advice that you gained from experience that you would share with someone who wants to become a coach?

My advice to all who want to be a coach is to be empathetic. Be encouraging, kind, non-judgmental – help them grow and spread love.

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