5 Min Bit with Swati Jha

Fashion blogger and stylist, Swati Jha believes in doing what she loves and pursuing her dreams. She puts together various pieces of clothing and creates a beautiful outfit with her eye for detail. Swati  is a mother to a five-year-old who wears her heart on her sleeve. She believes in fighting against Child labour and puts her heart and soul into his project. Swati’s philosophy in life is simple, don’t compare; instead, work hard towards your goal and success will follow.

In a candid conversation with Storiyaan, Swati Jha shares her through process and ideation behind the content she creates. Swati also gives an inspiring message for all the digital creators out there.


Questions and answers

With many content creators churning out more content in the lockdown, how did you deal with keeping up with the competition?

Honestly, it’s tough; being a 90s kid and a mother, it has been challenging for me to keep up digitally. However, there are new areas to explore, and I’m focusing on the quality of my content. I believe that I have it in me to get better and stand out from the rest. I love doing things on my own; I’m learning with time and reaching my goal with dedication.

What is your thought process behind ensuring your content is relatable to your viewers?

Initially, I was clueless as in what content I should create. But, I always knew I have a knack for fashion and trends. I wanted to get maximum usage out of my wardrobe. I believe in using the clothes I have instead of feeling like I’m lagging behind in the trend competitions. This is how I produce relatable content for people.

Can you tell us something about your work for Child Protective issues?

Working for society is not just a job for me. I work for Child rights; we rescue children from factories/households and help them to get back to their families and rehabilitate them. When I came to Delhi, studying in DU was my dream. I got to know about this course, Bachelors in social work. I gave some tests and got selected. The course was one of a kind, and that’s where I found my passion for making a difference.

You strongly recommend the film, 'Price of Free' can you talk about the aspect of the film that truly resonated with you?

Every aspect of this film resonates with me. It’s a film about working for a greater cause and it shows the inspiring story of Shri Kailash Satyarthi, the Nobel Peace Laureate, who took it upon himself to free every child from slavery, and I hope I can make a difference in the world; as he did.

A lot of content creators are asked to compromise on some of their personal ethics for collaborations. What is something you would never compromise on?

I recently started collaborating with different brands only after accumulating 3k+ followers. It was a huge struggle to garner such a following, and I wanted to earn the collaborations I do.

However, compromising on ethics is something I will never consider. I will never collaborate with brands I do not believe in or who do not spread a positive message. The pay would be great, but if it does not resonate with me, I will not deceive my followers, who look up to me.

Can you elaborate about your journey being part of the Mrs Capital of India team?

I never thought that I would get the chance to be part of a beauty pageant of such high esteem. It was a game-changing journey for my life. During the competition, you’re left doing everything on your own, and this allowed me to spend time myself and learn about my strength and my limits. I had to leave my child for a week for the pageant, I hardly ate and slept, but this experience taught me about boundaries.

What are some of the difficulties that come with shooting videos at home?

With an influx of brands contacting me for collaborations, the nature of my shoots has changed. I can’t go out to shoot due to the lockdown and often end up using a tripod and shoot on my own. I check the lighting and angles in the balcony or in my corridor and decide where I want to shoot accordingly. I agree it’s challenging, but it’s satisfying at the end of the day.

What is a word of advice to creators who wish to expand and grow digitally?

I think the key is not to compare your work with others on the internet. You are not aware of the circumstances they are working under. So, the solution to this is to stop complaining and start working so that the lack you feel can be compensated by your hard-work.

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