Swapnila Goswami

Swapnila Goswami: The astonishing Fashionista!

Swapnila Goswami, “I come from a small town and therefore, I was expected to complete my studies and get a job. There was a point when I considered that fashion wasn’t my cup of tea but my love for fashion stayed”.

Be it the girl next door or the stunning diva, we sport outfits that can define our quirks and esoteric selves. Therefore, fashion holds an integral part in our lives and to walk the talk we often need fashion advice from someone who isn’t just our mom. Who better than Swapnila Goswami, a Fashion Content Creator who prides herself in keeping her content relatable to the audience? Swapnila chooses comfort and affordability over gaudy attires and has her fashion game spot on!

Read along to know more about her fashion choice, intriguing journey and much more in this trendy conversation with Storiyaan.

Swapnila Goswami

Swapnila Goswami: The astonishing Fashionista!


Questions and answers

Can you tell us the story that enabled you to realize and give wings to your creative flair and make content on fashion?

Fashion has always attracted me and I desired to make a place for myself in this field. I loved the idea of mix-matching outfits as a child. Later, I started a personal Instagram account and came across content creators who were creating fashionable outfits by using the technique of mix-match. As I already had this skill, I got encouraged to create my blog and create content on fashion.

When did you first conceive the idea of your Instagram handle “@fashionistaspeaks'” and what strategies do you use to make it reach the public sphere?

When I was firm on creating content on fashion, I decided to create my Instagram account according to it. As the content would be based on fashion, having a username that portrays that motive was always beneficial.  This is when ‘@fashionistaspeaks’ popped up and I think it defines my content.

My strategy to reach the public sphere is to post 2-3 times a week and follow other creators to learn about trends or get inspired. Moreover, I style outfits according to comfort, ease of wear and affordability which defines my content for my followers.

Share with us your experience on your collaboration with 'VOYLLA'.

It was my first collaboration and I was beyond ecstatic to discover that I had to visit their store in my hometown and promote them on my Instagram page. Although I was nervous initially, the warm welcome and cooperation I received from the staff soon made me leave right at home. This was a barter collaboration but it will always remain one special collaboration for me.

After working with 50 brands in three years, what is your takeaway?

Each brand that I worked with taught me something new and helped me develop ideas for my content, in turn, boosting my creativity. Thus, my key takeaways remain that fashion is fluid, flexible and depends on your ideas and vision.

Where do you find inspiration for new ideas to make content and how does it boost your creativity?

I go through and research various content creators. I observe their content minutely and check what makes them unique. This helped me take inspiration from them and infuse them with my vision and experiment to create my fashion content.

Styling is a creative journey as it involves blending your ideas, aims, vision to create a look that you wished to see. Experimentation, exploration and inspiration from others are the only way to get better creatively. So yes, it gives me a definite boost.

How do you manage to keep both fashion and comfort as a priority without compromising on either of them?

For me, fashion and comfort go hand in hand and therefore it is never a choice. For instance, when I choose outfits, I look for brands that scream “comfort”. I also avoid going for stilettos and choose platform and block heels. This is because I consider comfort to be the second skin of fashion and my followers are also looking for outfits that are both comfortable and fashionable and not an either-or.

What would be your message to the ones who are just setting their feet as fashion entrepreneurs?

My message would be to stay determined and no matter what, just work hard towards your goals because nothing can stop you. Never lose faith in your ability and passion. Lastly, remember that hard work pays off eventually.

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