5 Min Bit with Sushma Sahrawat

“Working with Oriflame has not only given me financial stability but an identity of my own”, mentions the Business Entrepreneur – Sushma Sahrawat.

Having been through the inclement weather of job dissatisfaction, Sushma discovered a new ray of hope when she decided to join forces with Oriflame. Not only did she finally find her solace but owing to their flexible working hours this new age mom aced the game and became one of their most promising employees in no time!

From her first world tour to first car, this Oriflame Omniscient talks to Storiyaan about the best 3 years of her life. Read to know more.

Sushma Sahrawat

5 Min Bit with Sushma Sahrawat


Questions and answers

Can you tell us about your experience of working at Oriflame?

I’ve been working with Oriflame for over 3 years now. Hands down it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. At Oriflame they say – Look great, Make Money and Have Fun; ever since I joined their team that’s how life has been.

What significant changes did you experience in your life after joining Oriflame?

I’ve witnessed quite some changes and I’m glad to do so. Everything from my enhanced self confidence to financial stability and personality development – I owe all these changes to Oriflame.

Can you elaborate more on the term business entrepreneurship. How does it offer an opportunity to working mothers?

Oriflame offers opportunity to every individual who is 18+; be it a college student, stay home mom/ dad. Especially if you are a new mom, maintaining a work life balance becomes tedious. But, Oriflame offers work from home which is best suited for new parents – You can cater to all your child’s as well as client needs all at once.

What, according to you, has been a proud moment in your life?

Touchwood there have been quite a few moments. But, buying my own car in 2020 tops them all! Watching my near and dear ones filled with utmost pride and joy as we drove that day was a sight I can never forget.

What is your personal mantra to cope up or juggle between working a Oriflame and being a mother?

Be it as a mother or as an employee one mantra that has helped me operate efficiently is the flexibility in working hours. I try to work when my kids are asleep or away and that’s about it – a hassle free life!

What is the last message that you want to pass on to all the women reading this?

The only message I’d like to give out to all the women out there is to be financially stable. No matter what job you do, no matter what the world has to say here the only thing that matters is – tumhari khud ki pehchan.

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