Surbhi Jain

Surbhi Jain: Keeping up with sustainable fashion

Surbhi Jain remarks, “Every day is a fashion show, and the world is our runway; even the smallest elements, such as accessories and bags, become crucial while you are doing that catwalk. Surbhi Jain the founder of Sooti, a handcrafted bag and accessory line that is making sustainable fashion trendy and elegant.

Sooti is a new age brand that focuses on delivering whimsical aesthetics with a hint of tradition in its products. Surbhi Jain wants new-age women to feel the richness and ease of using Indian textiles and be proud of the heritage of our country.

Follow the journey of a woman via Storiyaan who believes in sustainability and has built a successful business out of her desire to make the world a better place……Fashion-wise!

Surbhi Jain

Surbhi Jain: Keeping up with sustainable fashion


Questions and answers

Why did you choose the name "SOOTI" for your company?

Cotton is also known as SOOTI, and I’ve always wanted to make items with it as the primary material. Cotton can also be treated using a variety of ways. As a result, the majority of our bags and accessories feature Ikat, Ajrakh, and Dabu print styles. As a result, the moniker SOOTI was coined.

How do you design your products so as to appeal to all age groups?

I adhere to the rule of simplicity and ensure that the products’ designs are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The brand’s USP is its use and utility. As a result, SOOTI Tote Bags include a variety of pockets and zippers to meet the needs of both young girls and older ladies.

How big of a role does sustainability play for your brand?

SOOTI strives to untangle and provide easy access to the needs of our clients. So headbands and many minimal accessories are upcycled in order to save the planet and be sustainable. Giving back to society and future generations is how I concentrate on the viability of my brand.

What are some of your raw materials and how do you ensure their quality?

Natural rubber harvested from a tree is used to make the rubber sheets that are most commonly utilized in the creation of bags. Metallic loops,  paper fabric, and wooden buttons are some of the other basic materials employed. In addition, we put our items through physical tests to assure their quality. These tests allow us to see if substandard materials are being used.

What is the most significant factor that comes to play when establishing the perfect amalgamation of trendy and traditional?

For the most part, you and I don’t buy things just because it’s a trend, but we’re also looking for some long-term benefits, for instance, the usage, price, sustainability, etc. I therefore, make sure that the products we create meet these expectations. The design of tote and sling bags is simplistic yet is superior due to its usage.

What are some of your best-selling products and how do you fix their rates?

Our Signature Sling Bags, Headbands, and Organizer Bags, as well as Ruffle Pouch Bags, are now the best-selling items. For when I finalize the rates, I normally estimate the cost of raw materials, labor (fairly compensated), marketing + operations costs such as transportation, tax, and so on, plus profit margin + affiliate commissions.

Tell us about the relevant skills that you look for in your employees?

Those interested in joining our team should possess the attributes like effective communication and critical thinking. The individual should also be familiar with social media networks. He or she should be determined and innovative in their approach, and hands-on expertise with digital marketing would be a huge plus.

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