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Sundar Pichai Hints at Threats to Free Internet

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The CEO of tech giant Google, Sundar Pichai, gave a recent interview to BBC. In the interview, Mr Pichai has given remarks on internet freedom. Moreover, this interview comes after the new IT guidelines circulated by the Indian government. Thereupon, various social media apps, OTT platforms, news and media websites need to comply with the latest IT laws.

Sundar Pichai in Conversation with BBC

The Alphabet and Google CEO said many countries begun restricting or tried to limit the flow of information. Furthermore, he elaborated that the notion of a “free and open internet” is under attack.

While answering a query in response to a question about ‘different internets’, Pichai says, “… it is more a step back… I think a free and open internet is a tremendous force for good and we take it for granted a bit…  He was hinting towards the countries having rising diversity regarding laws about online content.

“In each country now, there is a debate what speech is OK and what should be allowed… in some ways I think we pull back from the bigger picture (which is that) many countries around the world are restricting the flow of information and drawing much more rigid boundaries,” he added.

Mr Pichai further says, “free and open internet is under attack” in countries across the globe. Many countries are restricting the flow of information. Therefore, ‘the model is often taken for granted.’ He referred to China indirectly in his comment. Pichai says, ‘None of our major products and services is available in China.’ It is necessary to note that China has one of the strictest authoritarian regimes. Hence, the freedom of the press and the internet is limited.

What’s More?

In addition to the given remarks, Pichai also talked about tax, privacy and data. Afterwards, he addressed the controversies associated with them. The Google chief also made an interesting observation that artificial intelligence is more profound than fire, electricity or the internet. Meanwhile, the 49-year-old spoke about his roots, ‘I’m an American citizen but India is deeply within me. So it’s a big part of who I am.’

Google has definitely become the go-to search engine for everyone, especially in India. Thanks to its relatively cheaper and easy to access services!

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