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Sukhain Jain Kothaari: Adorning Every Vision

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With an intuition of creating sleek, never-seen-before statement jewellery, Sukhain Jain Kothaari leapt into heading his 150-year-old family business, “Sujit Jewellers”.  Consequently, his ambitious vision led him to venture beyond the retail store and drive into manufacturing, designing and the nitty-gritty of crafting an unmatched design.

Besides, a former professional cricketer, Sukhain successfully established “Ayeshwa” by Sujit Jewellers, a brand that is not only committed to materializing your designs and ideas but also rooted in their brand ethics and sustainability. Read along to know what are the must-know about jewellery buying, craftsmanship and much more in this exclusive interview with Storiyaan. 

Sukhain Jain Kothaari

Sukhain Jain Kothaari: Adorning Every Vision


Questions and answers

What were the factors that acted as a green signal for you to pursue the art of jewellery making and designing as a profession?

My family was already invested in jewellery designing, but what steered me towards the business was observing the royal and elegant designs of popular brands like Sabyasachi and Tanishq. Hence, I was headstrong about creating such fascinating jewellery that is crafted with beauty and where each design remains unparalleled.

What were some of the rookie mistakes that you made when you first entered this industry and what did you take back from them?

Initially, I struggled with manufacturing and sales. I wanted to satisfy everyone but later on, I realized that not every client who walks into your store is going to be a customer. 

The key lesson I took back from this experience was that you need to satisfy clients who trust your work, have ethics and morals, and not waste time chasing the wrong ones.

What are some of the skills that you look for in your ‘karigars’ and how do you research newer designs?

We observe how good the handwork of the artisan is as most of our jewellery is designed and carved by hand. We also look into how neat and finished their work is without us having to compromise on the gold content.

We visit different parts of India and keep in touch with the International jewellery market to research new designs. In addition, we have discussions with various designers about the latest designs that we can incorporate into our jewellery.

What are some of the measures taken by your brand to secure the interests of your workers, especially during the pandemic?

The pandemic is a troubling time, but we have ensured the complete safety and security of our karigars. All our karigars are housed in one building and we ensure enough food supply, medication and temperate checks for them. Besides, our karigars also receive regular salaries without any cuts.

How would you describe your brand and jewellery collections, and how do you fix the rates of the items?

Ayeshwa” stands for power and prosperity which means when we grow, we take along everyone around us. Our collections are divided into various collections like bridal collection, regular wear etc., while the rates depend on the designs, we keep the client’s budget in mind, and have segments like 30 grams which costs 1.5lakh.

What are some of your brand values when it comes to sustainable practices, and how do you incorporate them into your brand policies?

The whole idea of starting this venture was to grow along with my team. Ayeshwa always believes in power and prosperity. The tree in our logo signifies the shelter that a tree provides which is the brand identity and value of Ayeshwa.

We incorporate this brand ethic by donating 20 per cent of our revenue to various organizations that are working for social welfare.

What are some of the current trends when it comes to bridal jewellery and which among them is your personal favourite?

Currently, the jewellery designs and trends keep changing every year or season.

 If I talk about my personal favourite I would say Kundan and Polki jewellery. This is because it is one of the most authentic gemstones and adds an elegant finish to a bridal look.

What are some of the things that a newbie customer must bear in mind when shopping for jewellery, especially heavy jewellery?

A first-time customer should have an idea of the quality standards before purchasing jewellery. They should check for the certification and IGI approved the quality of diamonds. While purchasing gold, they have to keep in mind the authenticity, legality, and return value that they get from the purchase.

Are customization options available on your products and can they be requested via the digital platform?

Yes, definitely. We offer customizations on our products and anybody can send us sample pictures to share their design requirements. Yes, they can be requested via all social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram.

What advice would you give to someone interested in getting into the jewellery design business?

Someone who wants to get into jewellery designing should initially start with retail as it is more feasible when you are just starting. My advice would be to have adequate knowledge about the making, purchasing, manufacturing or sales of a jewellery business. And lastly, I would recommend you to build your network, get a mentor and understand how the business works before diving into it.  


Quick 5

1. One guarantee about your products to your clientsOutstanding quality

2. Most challenging piece ever createdA Kundan necklace with a tight 25-day deadline 

3. One timeless metal – Gold

4. The elephants in your logo symbolize – Wisdom, strength and royalty

5. One design trend you find tacky – None

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