Suchi- A doodled life

Suchi, a Digital Designer & Illustrator by profession and a storyteller at heart is how Suchi describes herself. Driven by a purpose of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, Suchi loves nicknaming her illustrations as ‘People stories’.

She describes her art as real and relatable and believes that ‘Life isn’t all perfect’, therefore neither is her art. The colors spill outside the lines and that’s okay! Emphasizing on her awe and admiration for perfect art, she talks to Storiyaan about her imperfectly real idyllic journey. Read to know more.


Suchi - A Doodled life


Questions and answers

When and how did you start your creative journey - From a digital designer, how did you add digital illustrations to your portfolio?

I started off as a Graphic Designer in 1999 after my post-grad from XIC, Mumbai and moved on to UI/UX design. In the last couple of years I shifted to freelancing worldwide. One sunny day, while doodling with my Wacom pen-tablet, I discovered my love for digital illustrations.

You were on the Creative Director’s seat for one of UAE’s largest Web Agency. How was your experience working there? What was your take-away from it?

Much of what I’ve learnt and continue to apply has been from my experience as the Creative Head at CG, Dubai. The biggest takeaway – You don’t design for designers, You do it for the Consumer. Your art must largely self-explain itself. And yeah, the devil is in the details.

How would you describe your style of art?

It is whimsical, free flowing and easy to understand. My colors spill out of the lines and that’s how I like it. I endeavor to keep my art real and relatable. It’s important for me that anything I draw must either speak to you or be about you.

You draw a lot of people & their stories - What draws you towards them? Can you share with us one client experience that is close to your heart?

Each one of us has an incredible power to inspire somebody and get in positive change. I recently drew a young, emerging Ethiopian scientist who was shamed for her color. Her story was powerful and she persisted in telling it to the world. I was lucky that I got to draw her and be a part of her story!

We see a lot of Women illustrations in your portfolio. Can you share an experience that has been very memorable?

Women in STEM particularly appeal to me – One must not stop at ‘Madam Curie’ when asked to name the top 10 women scientists in the world! I drew 12 incredible Indian Women Scientists for the calendar in 2020 – That’s my favorite!

You started freelancing after 11 years of a full-time career. What has been the most satisfying aspect of running an independent small-biz?

Working in pajamas, nothing beats that! I decide my working hours and methods. I get to choose my projects and this in turn has widened my portfolio – I draw for science journals, e-learning modules, friends & family, cakes & cookies – I love seeing my art on so many mediums.

What would be some of your tips and guides to those who want to learn Graphic Design and Digital Illustrations?

Learn and stay updated with current trends – Skillshare & Masterclass are my go-to for online learning. Wacom & Huion are some of the tools I’d recco if you like drawing digitally. Stay connected with your clients. And YES, draw lots, everyday!

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