Spoorthy Sindhur

Spoorthy Sindhur ki Love Story

Spoorthy Sindhur

Spoorthy Sindhur ki Love Story

Sindhur says, “Love is our religion”.

Contrary to the popular scenario, I met Spoorthy the day she was born. She was my cousin’s Brother’s Daughter, I and my mom went to see her in the hospital. I was 8 when I held her for the first time.

I was very stern as a person and never really gelled with my family members. Whereas Spoorthy was everything I wasn’t, to her emotions mattered a lot. Despite being on the opposite side, it always felt like she completed me. The age difference was never really an issue with us. I was in my B.com Final Year and she was in 6th std. Yet, I loved spending time with her and would take her out for snacks, feed her, and on most days my forehead kisses were all she needed to fall asleep. Little did I know that this was the beginning of my feelings for her, and things would take a turn when we met 15 years later.

By this time, I had developed feelings for Spoorthy and would often stalk her on Facebook. Though my feelings were real, I would often feel guilty and was left with the question of ‘How can I love my cousin brother’s daughter ?’ However, I couldn’t stop myself, once I saw her and confessed my feelings and past relationships to her.

Spoorthy was taken aback at first, she didn’t want to go against her parents. I decided to respect her decision and blocked her from all the social media sites, and decided to leave her life forever.

However, I was beyond elated when she messaged me the next day, saying that she wanted to see me and seek answers to all her questions.

She confessed her feelings for me and told me how she had never felt anything as special as this in her past, and wanted to give this relationship a name. While she was confessing, I held her hands for the first time and it was at this moment that I realized, our commitment was forever. We went out for a while, and then she left for her classes.

By the time she finished her classes, I went and bought a ring and proposed to her the same day. It was a beautiful beginning to our lifelong journey. Our love life in the relationship was very short, I would travel 40 km every day to her college just so that I could spend 10 min with her, and would drop her home only to get back and chat with her the entire night.

Things were going well until her family found out about us, Spoorthy was put under house arrest and was harassed mentally and physically by her family. We decided to seek help, but no one was on our side except the ALF ( Alternative law forum).

They advised us to wait until Spoorthy completed her graduation and was financially stable. While Spoorthy focussed on her B.com final year, I devoted myself to creating a home for our future. As soon as Spoorthy left her house, her parents demonized us in the media, which turned into Spoorthy office people removed her from the job, and we also had to look for a new place to shift.

From meeting to falling in love, to strive for acceptance, our relationship survived it all, only because we hold utmost pride in portraying our love, we worship our love.

Looking at our chemistry, strangers often ask if we are a couple and once they get to know our story, their only response is
“Yaar, kisi bollywood movie se kam nahi “.

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