5 Min Bit With Sonali Savla

Everyone acknowledges the power of a healthy diet and lifestyle but not many practice it in our quotidian life. Sonali Savla is a nutritionist who is ensuring that her clients discover the ideal diet and wellness regime without the faux pas that usually surrounds the complexity of a suitable diet. As the founder of “Healthy Curves”, she is on a mission to embolden everyone’s desire in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Know more about some health tips in this casual conversation with Storiyaan.

Sonali Savla


Questions and answers

As the Founder of “Healthy Curves”, what was the most dismaying phase in the process of establishing it?

The major challenge was the satisfaction of the viewers when we uploaded our content on Instagram as it is an extremely competitive field. Often we were the subject of heavy criticism for any minor mistakes, while it did affect us; the comments could never discourage us from our goals.

People trying to lose weight often think skipping a meal would help them in reducing extra body weight. Can you elaborate on how it can affect someone’s health?

Choosing a diet that will have long term health damages is never healthy; these diets will deprive you of your nutrients and vitamins and result in physical and mental burnout with dehydration, fatigue, and serious problems like depression and anxiety.

Eating healthy doesn’t remain a choice for people who spend most of their days outside. What would be your advice on nutrition to those people, and what are the ways to attain them?

My advice to anyone wanting to implement a healthy lifestyle is to make it a habit and not a choice. When health becomes a habit, you will unconsciously revert towards healthier food options and hence all the dilemmas you face will cease to exist.

Losing weight takes a lot of time and dedication. It is always easier said than done when months go by, and someone notices just the slightest change in themselves. What are your methods to keep the faith, motivation of your clients intact and not give up?

Losing weight is a cumbersome process, we make sure to stay connected with our clients – receive regular updates on their diet and the results they achieved. Additionally, a motivational quote to keep their spirits high and introducing new recipes in their diet enhances their faith in the process.

As the pandemic has hit us again with its second wave, it has become essential for everyone to eat healthy to have a robust immune system. Could you please elaborate on what are some of the food items that one should compulsorily intake to remain healthy?

Yes, sure. You should include seasonal fruits and veggies that include vitamins and minerals like orange, kiwi, papaya, and apple in your diet, take some vitamin-D supplements or soya beans, mushroom or sesame seeds for the same along with almonds, peanuts, ginger garlic, ajwain, tulsi, and turmeric that improve our immune system. A healthy lifestyle along with diet is also a prerequisite for fitness and health.

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