Sonal K Oswal

Sonal K Oswal – The Graphology Life

Sonal K Oswal

Sonal K Oswal - The Graphology Life

“It was the summer vacation of 10th when I came across graphology. It spiked my interest right from the very first moment & I decided to pursue it. However, nobody around me took it seriously. ‘It’s just a hobby that will fade away with time’ they’d say. I was often ridiculed as the pagal ladki. Even if I crossed paths with someone who understood and appreciated my work, I was never taken seriously because I was just 18 years old.

But, I refused to give up. Instead, I worked harder on my skills for the next 2 years. And that’s when I finally got my first breakthrough. I was invited to be a guest lecturer at my college. They’d invite India’s best Graphologist every year and that year they decided to invite me!

That guest lecturer also bought me a new beginning – as a teacher. A bunch of students reached out to me asking if I’d be their mentor; I agreed! Ever since then, things only got better on the professional front with more clients and students coming aboard. One of my students even suggested that I expand my services in Pan India.

She claimed to have all the necessary contacts and resources that would help us. I trusted her. But, she deceived me & started contacting my clients as me from the new branch without my knowledge. And by the time I realized she’d already acquired most of my clients, a database that took me years to build was gone within months.

That same year, I was thwarted by a fellow Graphologist which led to a mental breakdown. It got to a point where I had to shut down my website, change my number & stop working for almost a year. When I returned all I had was the email ids of 4 old clients. I started building everything from scratch & then the pandemic happened. Although, the pandemic actually boosted my career and now I not only have Indian clients but international ones too!

Often, I get asked ‘How come you bounced back after so much? Did you ever feel like giving up?’ I started this journey with the thought to help people realise their true innate potential. My clients have gone from feeling suicidal to being motivational speakers. Lost in career to being career guides, broken relationship to living happily together. Watching them happy and motivated is a feeling I can never explain. And if I get to experience that for the rest of my life, no matter what the odds are, I will bounce back every single time.”

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