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Snehal Nayak: Yoga Beyond The Mat

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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” – Theodore Roosevelt

Snehal Nayak is a Wellness Coach and Founder of “Yogvrutti”, a Holistic Yoga Studio that combines the physical with the inner emotional and spiritual journey. At “Yogvrutti, she uses extensive training and in-depth understanding of the body and psyche to teach and cultivate awareness of one’s practice and life process.

Besides, she is also a Gold Medallist in Philosophy, a Former College Professor and Internationally Certified Yoga Instructor. Today, Snehal aims to provide one-stop, personalised support to her clients, fostering a sense of mindfulness and peace. Dig into this interview to discover more about the sessions, therapies and much more about Snehal’s intriguing journey.   

Snehal Nayak

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Questions and answers

How did you first get interested in fitness and nutrition and wanted to get involved professionally?

I have always been passionate about fitness and nutrition but for myself. Honestly, I decided to take it up as a profession, out of the blue. It was a sudden insight and realisation after my daughter was born in 2019. Moreover, my passion for it made the decision easier.

In 2020, you started your venture “Yogvrutti”. What is the prospectus one can expect as a client from your venture?

I offer fully customised and tailor-made programs for varied aspects and issues like weight loss, weight gain, hair, skin, and issues like PCOS, menstrual woes, etc. The focus is not only on yoga, but also on dietary modifications, and all-natural holistic remedies. Therefore one can expect a complete one-stop guide and help for healthy well-being.

Since you are a fitness coach, what are your working strategies to motivate your clients while dealing with issues like PCODs, weight loss, weight gain or menstrual problems?

There is daily monitoring involved. I communicate with my clients every single day via chat support. Daily reminders and pep messages are sent to motivate them genuinely. In addition, weekly and fortnightly plans are also sent, to enable variety and to ensure that their body doesn’t hit a plateau. Therefore, our clients enjoy this process to get 100% results and are always kept motivated by us.


How do you customise your sessions to suit the necessities of a client right after dealing with someone with a very different health issue on the same day?

Firstly, I take 45 minutes consulting call with every client, to understand their lifestyle in depth. Following this, forms are mailed about that client’s issue. Once the responses are sent, I take one day, to research the same, and then prepare a customised plan. My qualifications, as well as daily research, keeps me upgraded to do this efficiently.

You often guide your followers through multiple helpful tips in your posts. Can you share the research methodology that is involved in curating such helpful tips?

I have a library of books. I keep on purchasing best selling and top-rated books read them daily. In addition, I have subscriptions to various journals and newsletters. Consequently, I prepare notes on my readings and knowledge daily. I also make sure that all my tips are tried and tested.

In one year, you have dealt with more than 350 clients, which might have some great experiences. Could you share with us one, which even had an impact on you?

Yes, it has truly been a humbling and rewarding experience. I recently had one client for prenatal yoga. She hadn’t done any exercises, not even walking, till her 7th month, and was sceptical of the process. However, with my encouragement, she found the sessions immensely helpful. Furthermore, it brings me great joy to share that she delivered normally after following my sessions for 2 months regularly.


Elucidate us the ways through which the online sessions are booked in Yogvrutti and how can one reach you out to seek your guidance?

Currently, all sessions are booked directly via Direct Messages on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Anyone interested in the sessions, can simply call or message me on the number provided on my Instagram handle. Similarly, I am also available through my email id.

As you stated Yogvrutti, what were some of the troubles you faced and how did you overcome them?

Any business has highs and lows. Initially, I had a good response, but after 6/7 months it saw a decline. During the pandemic, I had no enrolments for ¾ months. However, I took this time to prepare better content, upgrade myself, change my approach, and ever since things have been tremendously good.

Since you are a new mother, how do you manage to juggle your time and work while having to handle both working sessions and your house chores along with your baby?

I am tremendously fortunate to have supportive parents and a husband. Most of the time, my baby is with my parents when I take sessions. When my mother is working, I am with my kid. I time myself accordingly and ensure I do full justice to my child and my profession.

So many roadblocks at every stage of life failed to kill your zeal and passion to strive for something new and you proved "Every time is the right time to start". What would be your say on this to our readers which might act for them as a capsule of inspiration?

I faced a lot of ups and downs even as a child. I was raised single-handedly by my mother for 15 years after my biological father left us. Similarly, I had to quit my former job as a college professor due to some technical issue on the part of the institution. As I look back now, I think everything happens for a reason and no end is an actual end but a new beginning instead. Thus, my message to everyone will be to trust the time and yourself.


Quick 5

  1. The person you look up to the most – My mother

  2. One mantra in life that you follow – You can create your destiny

  3. Yogvrutti promises to – Experience yoga beyond the mat

  4. Importance of fitness to you – something that reflects in every aspect of yourself

  5. Define yourself as a wellness coach – Practicing what I preach

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