Sneh Nigam: The Magic of Melody!

The Magic of Melody

Singing used to be my escape since childhood. I studied in a missionary school, and one of my teachers there identified my talent. In missionary schools, everyone is required to sing in a choir, but I was the first one who was given a chance to sing solo, I was in seventh grade then. Since then, I started developing an interest in music. Though I am not a trained singer yet, I can say that I do understand the aesthetics of melody pretty well.

During my graduation in Bhopal, I met many people who were trained in classical music and needless to say I learnt a lot from them. With their guidance, I also won singing competitions at state level for two consecutive years. But due to some personal problems, I started to lose confidence, and my voice started to quiver. It was indeed a challenging phase of my life, where I had to accept what life threw at me and still choose to move on. At one point, I even stopped performing! I am generally not the type of person, who opens up quickly with my difficulties and that I guess made this phase more difficult.

It was then when few of my friends and loved ones started supporting me, and finally, I recovered from self-doubt after a year. I started again. There were 2500- 3000 people in that audience, including Alka Yagnik ma’am. I sung the whole song with my eyes closed, and I was extremely appreciated. This immensely boosted my confidence, and I never looked back from then.

I learnt to create my own music during this time on Garage Band, though I am not very much proficient in the intricate technicalities of melody making however I can sense a good tune and make decent music out of it. I recently started posting my songs on Instagram and it has earned me a lot of good reviews from my followers as well as celebrities.

I have always believed in working in diverse fields because of which I took GMAT and got admitted into one of the top 10 B-schools in the world, for my masters. After finishing my masters, I am currently working on my startup during the day, and at night I work on my music recordings. This is how I manage the two segments of my life.

I wouldn’t say that life has been very harsh on me as I prefer not to be a victim. Instead, I believe that life is beautiful and there are no bad experiences just a few lessons learned.

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