Simran Kumar: Witness The Unknown

What if one fine day, you envision your past life in your dream? Or what if you have the spiritual power to feel energies and spirits? While you ponder over it, meet Simran Kumar, a Tarot Reader, who has the psychic abilities to experience life beyond the physical realm or the 3-Dimensional lives as we know it.

Simran’s journey was not without struggles. Simran Kumar hit rock bottom several times but never lost faith in life. “I had faith in God and was patient that this too shall pass.”, affirms Simran. Simran Kumar pulled herself back up each time towards greater glory. Today, she is helping others do the same as a holistic Life Coach, Crystal Healer, Tarot Reader, and Motivational Speaker. With an experience of over 7 years, Simran Kumar has helped over 5000+ people in upgrading the quality of their life through identifying the areas of blockage and helped them find solutions to move ahead in life. Discover her God-gifted skills, paranormal experiences, and much more in this intriguing conversation with Storiyaan.

Simran Kumar


Questions and answers

You mentioned that as a child, you were bullied and a lot of children encounter this problem growing up. How did you cope with it?

There is no other solution to bullying than standing up for yourself. My parents were supportive and advised me to take action. Once I stopped being a silent receiver, the bullying stopped.

There were several instances when your confidence was shattered and you hit rock bottom. What do you believe has been instrumental in remedying your mental health during those phases?

I have always been an optimist who looked for the silver lining in everything and knew that I create my reality. I had faith in God and believed that the wind will start blowing in my favour and bad days shall pass. Thus, with this ray of hope, I used the negativity around me and fuelled my ambitions. Moreover, this journey was so inspiring and positive that I was invited to take webinars in World-Renowned Fortune 500 MNCs like Ernst & Young among others to preach positivity and mindfulness.

Tell us about your introduction to the art of tarot card reading and how long did it take you to master it?

To begin with, I never learned tarot reading; it was innate and God-gifted. One day, in my childhood, I started playing with my aunt’s tarot cards and felt an instant connection. Then, as I grew up, I bought myself a deck and surprised myself with how well I knew and understood each card. Gradually, I started performing accurate tarot readings for my loved ones and eventually mastered it.

Do you believe the ability to read tarot cards is something that one acquires over time with practice or is it innate in them?

One can learn a skill that they set their minds to because that is the power of the Human Mind. Effort, dedication, and persistence are the most important aspects to imbibe these skills and master them over time.

You mentioned that you started “Kaliraang” from scratch, all by yourself with no investment. What were some of the hurdles that you had to face to establish your brand and ensure credibility?

The most challenging hurdle with clients was building trust in me. Trust and faith are salient to tarot readings as it gets difficult to work otherwise. Once people observe that my readings are coming true and see results, they recommend it to others. And this helps me create and ensure credibility.

You have helped more than 5000 clients over the years. Can you relate to us some of the most interesting clientele experiences that had an impact on you as well?

One of my clients had inherent spiritual knowledge; he wished to discover the origin. With my readings, we figured that he was a prophet in his previous life. Another client was mentally and physically affected and with the help of tarot I could feel the presence of dark energy around her. I recommended remedies and soon she encountered miraculous changes in spirit and health. Hence, many such stories have had a deep impact on my skills and journey.

Even with the altruistic nature of your work, you must have had your fair share of dealing with skeptics. What is your most effective strategy for handling skeptics?

The most effective way of handling skeptics is by explaining the know-how of tarot reading. Likewise, I ensure to keep my explanations factual and realistic. Therefore, the use of regular words instead of jargon has always helped with clearing doubts and any queries.

What led to the foundation of the concept for “Kaliraang”?

“Kaliraang” is an amalgamation of everything that makes me, ‘me’. I accumulated my experience, knowledge, powers. institutions and psychic ability to help people get out of their problems. It was a calling to guide people out of the dark tunnels in their life as I did for myself through all these things.

In recent years, several artists have been interested in Tarot Cards, be it writers like Henry Miller or painters, or musicians. According to you, what led them to feel this closeness to this art?

Tarot reading is a creative and intuitional skill that uses energy and a combination of cards. Anybody who has a creative instinct is drawn towards this world as cards connect you to your higher realm, giving space for self-refection. This intangible connection and self-discovery attract artists to this art.

You mentioned that you had a lot of paranormal experiences which also opened your eyes to this world. Can you relate to us some of the incidents that left a deep impact on your psyche?

As a child, I had recurring dreams of an unfamiliar place and timeline. To my surprise, I discovered that it was my past life after a Past Life Regression Session. Another unusual incident took place when I saw my client’s deceased grandmother standing beside me as I was conducting a reading regarding her, for the client. I have always encountered spirits, angels and sensed energies around me as I am sensitive. I am clairvoyant and clairsentient.

Quick 5

1. The biggest misconception people have about your work – That I got it easy

2. Spirituality for you is –

3. The greatest impact the pandemic had on your work –
It gave birth to “Kaliraang”

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