Simran Chandwani: The Beginning of End

Simran Chandwani

Simran Chandwani: The beginning of the End

“I was always keen about human behavior and it was solely why I went on to pursue psychology in Mumbai. Moving to the city of dreams, I also indulged in theatre. While psychology and acting seemed like two different worlds for others, they were my ways of understanding human traits.

Despite receiving a lot of ‘ Pagal khane mai kaam karti hai kya? ‘ ‘ Pagalon ka koi treatment Nahi Hota ‘ from my extended family, I never stopped verbalizing my concerns about mental health. Surrounded by people who assumed that consulting a ‘dimag ka doctor’ was shameful, my attempts did feel futile at times.

Coming from a generation where we passionately talk about physical fitness, material acquisition, and achieving life goals I always wondered why we don’t talk about mental fitness as much but then, the lockdown happened.

Having the family and friends calling me to enquire about mental wellness and therapies. While the wave of spreading awareness on mental health took over the internet, the need for professional therapists on social media was more than ever and that’s when I launched Self and Beyond.

All my career I’ve waited for people to take that first step towards mental wellness and now that they did it is my responsibility to provide them with all the logic-rooted help that I can. Reaching out for help itself requires a lot of courage; building a team of well-equipped psychologists that can cater to this is my main aim.

With the rising cases and imposition of lockdowns once again, my team and I are certain to deliver the best in our capacity. The number of people talking about mental health has certainly increased over the past year but there still is a large section that doesn’t talk about it.

All I want to say is that you must seek help if you need it because mental ailments are similar to physical ailments. Know this and reach out to a psychologist as and when required.

And never hesitate to “Talk about Mental Health”

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