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Simran Bhatia – A Young Marketing Strategist

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Simran Bhatia - A Young Marketing Strategist

Quite a long time ago, I started my Influencer’s journey with food blogging. I got to experience a lot of different things, and I learned a lot about social media, which in turn helped me to get a lot of contacts. But I observed a lot of food being wasted whenever eateries would ask me to review their meals. That is when I felt something was wrong because it did not align with my values. I realized that I had to switch it all up.

I started looking at my page from a different aspect, and today some people call me a blogger, writer, or influencer.

Along with this, I worked with one of the most renowned organizations for quite a long time— and gained experiences of the corporate world that undoubtedly paid well and were professionally stable.

Taking in all my experiences as an influencer and working in corporate, I came up with the idea of a start-up— Marketpreneur

I studied the local brands minutely and saw that they were struggling with sales. I found an impending gap where people are often clueless about increasing the sales for their brand. That is the exact idea behind Marketpreneur that stuck with me, and I decided to pursue it further with a lot of personal and professional scope for brands.

The main goal of this start-up is to provide sustainable marketing strategies to local brands. With this, they can achieve organic growth as well as a buzz in the marketplace, especially if they are start-ups.

But the journey wasn’t comfortable—, especially in the beginning.

Initially, setting up Marketpreneur and doing business development was difficult as it’s hard to reach out to clients that have the potential to grow.

When one is new to any business, the challenges keep coming in gradually. Moreover, one has to work around the clock, and perhaps even beyond time-sets, even if one is the boss.

A lot of people invest so much in their ideas and eventually watch their hard work go down the drain. Hence, when I created Marketpreneur, the main motto was to invest sustainably. The ideal focus of the company is to provide marketing strategies. 

I graduated in psychology from Delhi University and worked at a couple of NGOs. All of that, together, has embedded in me a certain level of discipline and focus, as well as lasting patience. It is true that personal values drive your behavior— it helps you grow.

As a citizen of responsibility, I now understand the battles of the human society against mental health issues and clearly see how deeply it is situated in our system.

Today, I still work on my influencer-page, but my main priority has been to be a full-time worker at my start-up. I heartily wish that I can continue writing and blogging and hopefully, eventually, try and contribute in making the world a better place.

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