Sidhant Kumaria: A Personal Risk!

A Personal Risk!

I am the youngest in my family. Being an introvert and often got bullied by my schoolmates. However, in the last two years of my school, I saw a radical change in me. It was then when I started opening up and ended up making many friends. Growing up, in college, I developed myself through my profession. I began opening up to people.

I had a knack for creativity and while studying architecture, I realized that I was capable of being creative with my designs. I was also equipped to be creative in my life. I started following bloggers and resolved to be more inclusive and innovative. That’s how my journey started as an influencer. I grew on social media. The number of followers increased over the past two years.

After my graduation, I saw a big transition in my outlook towards life. I opened my studio – Anantshree Studio. Slowly, I started getting assignments. People began appreciating my designs and their vibe.

After my first store assignment for a brand, even when I was appreciated I was not getting the kind of work that the designer in me wanted to. I was in a dilemma and confused. Slowly, I started self-doubting myself. But it wasn’t for long. I overcame the setback because of the immense love and support of my friends and family.

My work was leaning towards success until the lockdown. My activities stopped as interior designing and architecture are luxuries. It was a tough time for me. But after seven months, I have learnt to be grateful. The lockdown has been harsh on people losing their jobs and experiencing pay-cuts. Fortunately, I own a studio, and I function on my own.

On a usual day when I was in my store, a group of middle-aged women entered my store. They said, “Kinna sona store banaya hai! Isse sona store mene kite nai dekhiya.”

They didn’t know that I was a designer. I overheard their conversation. I personally feel that your family and friends will always praise you. But when it comes from a stranger, it is genuine. They would not have said it if they didn’t mean it. The admiration on their face for my work made me feel good about myself. I knew I was on the right track.

Perhaps I wouldn’t have had this if I hadn’t taken the plunge to start my studio. At least once in our lives, we should take risks, not forget to be equally patient for the right moments. So when they come, we make the most out of it.

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