Shwetank: A social taste

A social taste-Shwetank Deshmukh

From my childhood days, I had a passion for cooking, and I always kept looking for new recipes and trying them. It was my dream to do something notable in the field of cooking.

Whenever I went out with my family to restaurants and food stalls, it always occurred to me as to how can I get all this food for free. It was then I got my inspiration for food blogging.

Initially, I didn’t know much about food blogging, and I started gathering knowledge from other food bloggers about how to proceed in this domain of food blogging. I got to learn so many things and criteria from them, such as one needs to have a food blogger website and separate social media pages for this job.

It took me almost one year to set up the whole thing, and over this time, I have covered around 130+ restaurants in Mumbai and have reviewed their signature dishes. I am looking forward to more. In this lockdown, though my work is at a standstill yet, I hope to begin showing. I love talking about my food experience to people through, my

However, at times I do gain weight for when I eat good food. I often forget the quantity I should limit myself to!

In India, food blogging is a new industry to explore for its people. Content writing is also a tough task especially in food blogging as one is trying to describe the taste of the food through words and also good photographs of the food are also needed to make the post attract readers and viewers.

I want to bring a change in the food blogging industry by encouraging more and more people to become aware of the ethical ways of practising food blogging and putting an end to the wastage of food. I wish to change the entire scenario of influencer marketing and blogging by working for social causes and making my passion a route to bring a small positive change.

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