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Shivani Priya: Rainbow Child

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Shivani Priya

Rainbow Child

Shivani Priya says, “Growing up, Fashion and Spirituality were the pillars of my life. And while I was extremely inclined towards the clothing and fashion industry, spirituality was not really my choice for a career. Being born into a family of Reiki healers I had always tried to run away from spiritual notions, just how all of us have a tendency to run away from the very notions enforced upon us by our families.

I’ve been enticed by fashion since I was in 5th standard. Fashion was my only destination.

Becoming an amazing designer and having my own runway shows all over the world were all I ever dreamt of! It wasn’t until I entered a fashion school that my beliefs changed. It was entirely different from what I had imagined. Keeping up with the dreary schedule in such a competitive environment completely drained my creative energies. My lifelong passion started to feel toilsome and that’s when I decided to slip back to spirituality and healing.

For someone who was completely against these beliefs, I was shocked to look at the aftermath. My efforts at fashion school started to pay off! I was at peace amongst all the chaos, and that’s when I decided to blend healing and wellness with my creative expression.

I even put up crystallized theme outfits for my final college show before graduation. While I was all set to come out of college and pursue my journey as a Spiritual Fashion Entrepreneur, the lockdown happened.

My passion came to a halt for the time being. But, I was left with some crystals from one of the shows that I had done previously. Not having much to do, I decided to launch my own crystal brand Rainbow Child. Becoming a healer was never on my charts, but it suddenly felt like my purpose and I gave in. It isn’t something I ever anticipated but now it feels very fulfilling.

While I’m onto this new journey I often get questioned if my dreams of lighting up the runway with my designs would go unrequited. My path may have changed but my destination remains the same. Designing eye-captivating clothes is not my only motto now, rather adding a pinch of spirituality to my styling makes the models I work with, and my customers feel like the best version of themselves.  Having a show in Paris, Milan fashion week is, somewhere, still my ambition, but my path has changed, evolved.”

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