Shivam Kapoor: Your Morning Coffee Just Got Better!

“We are committed to bringing the best, “never-seen-before” coffee products and are equally committed to providing the best customer service.”, reiterates Shivam.

Coffee is often the best friend we yearn to have – least appreciated, much needed. But getting the one that suits you the best and ticks your boxes can be tricky and tiring. Keep your coffee battles at bay with “Caramelly”, an authentic online store to buy Nespresso Coffee Capsules and Machines in India.

Coming across degrading and low-quality capsules in India made him venture into the Coffee Industry. While being based in Germany, he curates and exports all Nespresso®️ and other Gourmet Tea and Coffee brands to India. Moreover, he takes special care to bring his expertise and assist you with the product selection process. Read more about Shivam and how being bitten by the coffee bug opened new doorways in this immersive conversation with Storiyaan.

Shivam Kapoor


Questions and answers

What was the story behind forming the Nespresso India Community and giving it the shape of the venture as “Caramelly”?

I am an impassioned ‘coffeeholic’. On one trip to India, our experience with capsules was displeasing- they were damaged and near expiry. This horrible experience gave birth to the Nespresso India Community and eventually the venture “Caramelly”.

What was the driving inspiration that kept you motivated during this covid lockdown?

As a Nespresso Connoisseur myself, I did not wish coffee lovers to suffer due to the restrictions on international travel. I wanted them to get their hands on the best coffee out there. This also induced a price rise and this scarcity situation inspired me to keep up with my work.

There must be some rookie mistakes that you had committed during the commencing days. What were those mistakes, and how did you overcome them?

Initially, grey-market sellers approached us as customers and resold our products. As a result, prices would rise. But eventually, we recognised such “customers” and kept the community updated about it.

What were the strategies used by your company in the initial days to provide the customers with the authenticity so that they prefer it over any products falsely grey marketed?

Customer satisfaction is our only aim. We take notice of their requirements/ preferences over a call and accordingly, guide them about the suitable flavour or machine. Our maximum time is spent on Nespresso consultations.

As the pandemic hit the world, what were the difficulties you faced while starting your entrepreneurial journey?

We had to deal with untimely deliveries due to the lockdown restrictions. Furthermore, customs clearance became a hassle due to officers functioning on less staff.

Being a freelancer engineer in Munich and managing your businesses must not be a cakewalk. How do you manage to divide your working schedules without affecting the other?

I have a perfect schedule – 8 hours freelancing, 8 hours to “Caramelly” and 6 hours of sleep. The lockdown helped with creating more free space and now I have gotten used to this routine.

As you live in Germany, how difficult and overwhelming does it get sometimes to manage and understand the difference in the working environment in India?

The time difference kills me more than the difference in working environments!

My mom should get all the appreciation for helping us with the time differences. She eases most of the confusion and pressure. It wouldn’t have been possible without her – hands down!

Starting with helping some small community members in procuring capsules, today, your company sells 25000 cups of coffee every month in the form of Nespresso capsules. How has this journey been so far?

The journey has been utterly emotional, enterprising and encouraging in every way. We have celebrated every milestone and will do so in the future. As a fun fact, we still give a high-five for every order notification!

What would be some of the advice to people trying to be entrepreneurs?

My advice to budding entrepreneurs is that they should be market-ready. Your idea or vision should be unique or different from your competitors. And a pro tip will be to try to retain customers more than acquiring them.

Where do you see “Caramelly” a few years from now? What is in the pipeline for “Caramelly”?

We are continuing to cherry-pick brands and bringing them on board. We aim to become India’s #1 platform for Specialty Coffee and Tea with top brands listed from across the globe by 2022.

Quick 5

  1. Hot chocolate or coffee – Coffee

  2. Caramelly to you is – What Beer is for German

  3. Best coffee desert according to you – Tiramisu

  4. Germany or India – India

  5. Your current binge-watch – For All Mankind

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