Shikha Thakur: The Magic inside us.

Shikha M Thakur is a tarot reader, soul reader, spiritual healer, grandmaster reiki and white magic spells teacher.  She is a firm believer that every woman should be strong enough to stand on her own feet and not lean on anyone else for any kind of support. Her aura and personality reflect this belief through and through.

“My only aim is to help people and empower them by showing them the correct path in life.” says Shikha to Storiyaan. She believes that magic exists everywhere you just need to look around with an open mind and good intentions. Continue reading this magical interview to know more.


Questions and answers

Wicca and spirituality are believed to go hand in hand and yet it assumes an aura of mysticism when the term “magic” is involved. Why do you think people prefer to elude the existence of magic?

I feel that people have a misunderstanding about magic. People usually think that magic is black. In my opinion, nothing is black and white but the intention which you are sending to the universe is important. Magic is present in our daily lives as we repeat words and each word has its frequency. When the frequency of your intentions matches with the frequency of the universe then the process of magic begins.

You sometimes conduct workshops to guide people regarding spells and channelling their energy. What do you find the most fascinating about the workshops and those attending them?

The most fascinating thing about the workshops I conduct is the response and participation of people in them. I have noticed people getting aware of themselves through magic healing workshops which reflects open-mindedness. People are ready to change their life by opting for spirituality whether it is in the form of a healing spell or another modality. My motive is to help people know their power and magic which can positively change lives and that is what I’m trying to do.

You are also a practised soul reader. Could you tell us a bit about what it is about and how do you work on reading a person’s soul and the benefits it can have on them?

A soul reading is a natural technique, given by my ancestors and the universe to me. In soul reading, you try to connect with the soul of the person by connecting with the energy field and going into their unconscious mind to get the answers to your problems. A soul reading is very helpful in knowing the exact reason for their current problems. In every session, I include divine guidance from the universe, soul reading, energy reading, psychic reading with the combination of tarot reading.

How is white magic different from other forms of magic? According to myths, every magic has a price, or so it is believed. How far is that true for white magic?

Magic is your intention which is converted into vibration and frequencies to achieve your goals. If you are going against the free will of a person to cause harm, karma will get back to you. If you are doing the magic intending to make the life better of a person, to bring happiness, joy and success and are sending positive vibes, you will get three times the result.

As a reiki grandmaster, what was your methodology of dealing with clients that were sceptical of the procedure initially?

As a reiki grandmaster whenever clients come to me for sessions without any knowledge, I usually provide them with basic knowledge. I analyse their energies and try to make them comfortable with this process. I always make an analysis chart to know what exactly they are going through so that I can help them in a better way.

What is your strategy to attract and motivate millennial clients towards the spiritual journey that you have yourself embarked upon?

The only thing which I have is the pure intention to help people for which I use Facebook and Instagram. Word of mouth has worked for me as well and has helped me increase my client base. Only thing I know if your intentions are pure and if you want to help people, the universe is going to help you and give you the path to move forward.

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