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Destined to bloom

Destined To Bloom: Shikha Malhotra

Born as the eldest child to my parents, I have lived in a joint family where men played the role of being the ‘Hunter’ and the “protector’ of the family members.  

Born to a humble family with even more humble resources, we survived in the smallest of spaces with loads of warmth and silent lessons, especially to the daughters. My parents had always believed to marry their daughter early and that too in an ‘Arranged Marriage’ setup.

Being blessed with three more siblings and I being the eldest one, from the very beginning I happen to be more like a mentor and a parent figure to them. This allowed me to see them and life from a very unique perspective. While doing so, I myself learnt a lot about character building, having the right perspective in life, to lose more while gaining less and a lot about love and support.

It had been just two years past my teenage I was made to get married to my life partner. While I was still a year younger to my husband, I emotionally balanced the relationship as the stronger one, which perhaps I still continue to do so.

Couples often tag a term ‘We got pregnant by accident’ which led to a tectonic shift in our lives, specially mine, considering I had different aspirations at that point. While I had not anticipated this very life was growing up to become my strength.

From managing our baby, to withstanding my job; I supported my family while my husband suffered multiple financial losses. We tried to keep our calm and live an accomplished lifestyle with our limited means.

Soon the life changing opportunity came by us which gave my husband a chance to relocate and do his business in Africa. I never had thought that a moment would come when I will have to live as a single parent while my husband worked and supported us from the other continent.

Growing up with my child, Aryan, has been the most exciting and the lovable experience of my life.

We saw happiness in the same picture, we felt excited playing the same game, we saw each other learn and grow about life, while all of this was happening, he was becoming more matured and I was becoming more childlike.

In the early half of the last decade losing my mother came as a big shipped in our lives. Me being the eldest one and having the most memories with her among us siblings, I eventually had to park those aside to ensure that I was the chosen one along with Aryan, to take care of our father.

Life can be a tad difficult at times and for me it was this phase when I chose to adopt my niece and nephew.

And there came a time wherein I almost decided to give up all. Being the single parent, missing the presence of my mother, almost trying to keep our father mobile and happily alive, taking care of my adopted kids while still ensuring I don’t break down in front of Aryan was very hard.

It took me almost 2 year of the mundane routine, of nearly surviving with no much aspiration to look forward to, a few heart-to-heart conversations made me realize that doing nothing won’t help me survive long.

My first target was to make myself more agile and I spent 2 more years in the persuade of mind and body building, which in fact gave me an absolute new perspective towards life. I wanted to channelize this raw energy into something very artistic. This gave me an opportunity to connect myself with the “Asmita Theater Group”, New Delhi and under the guidance of Arvind Gaur Sir, I was blessed to energize myself further and give a shape and an outlet to bring out the theater artist in me.

While performing one of those plays, the team of “Dream Marchant Production House”, New Delhi, Shavya Sharma noticed me and that’s when I got my first break. This opportunity came as surprise which led me participate in one of India’s biggest pageant Mrs. Miss & Mr. India 2020.

In this pageant which lasted for almost a month it made me believe strongly about my own capabilities, strength and my creativity. I was now feeling as if my cocoon self was ready to take the flight.

The day of the award ceremony with no hopes of even getting shortlisted in the top ten list, I was happily shocked to be awarded as the 1st Runner Up Mrs. India 2020 winner getting an award from actor and judge Mr. Arbaaz Khan.

In the renewed “Shikha 2.0”, I hereby look forward to explore newer ventures that excite me, help me learn more, making me better individual and most importantly allowing myself to bring out the creative side. And I feel, “Khule asmaan mein safar kerne wale, kabhi thakte nahi…Bas muskura kar chalte jao, sab asaan lagega

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