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5 Min Bit with Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee

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Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee is a Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Sports, and Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Exercise Science Specialist with experience of transforming the lives of 2000+ people. After having spent his entire childhood as a skinny kid, Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee grew up to single-handedly learn about the nitty-gritty of the fitness world. Today, he has come forward to spread his knowledge and become a beacon of hope in the fitness journey of others.

Nadir left his well-paid job in an IT consultancy firm to make a difference and follow his heart as an Educator and Coach, mentoring others to become coaches themselves. He is currently working as Head Corporate in Relationships and Placements at INFS and Advance plus Coach with FITTR. Read more to discover some tips and tricks for a fitter lifestyle and the wonderful journey of Nadir in this candid interview with Storiyaan.

Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee


Questions and answers

You were associated with IT for 6 years before leaving an IT consulting firm where you drew a handsome salary. What was the driving force behind this push and how proud do you feel for yourself today for taking the right decision?

As an underweight kid who was body-shamed, I always wanted to transform myself and, in the process, got interested in the fitness industry to help others in their fitness journey and also bust the various myths surrounding it. I was not happy with the job I was doing not because it was any worse but it wasn’t the thing for me and when I got a chance to help co-create and grow an entire community of Fitness, I took the leap.

Due to the ongoing Pandemic, especially the younger generations are suffering from a mental breakdown and are losing hope even to take care of themselves. As a fitness coach, what will your message to them about staying fit?

Working out releases endorphins which help experience a feel-good factor. Exercising can also be an efficient way of releasing stress, exhaustion, or anger – resulting in a feeling of good well-being. So, my message will be to ask them to incorporate certain kinds of exercise into their lifestyle. But if it is serious and needs intervention, consult an Expert in the relative department. Mental health is a serious concern and is beyond my area of expertise.

Very often, it takes years for the transformation process. What are your ways that keep the faith and the patience of the client intact?

My general advice to my clients is that they should understand the functions and effects of exercise and nutrition – I provide them with scientific and evidence-backed information and make them aware that it could be a long process. The impatience and slowed outcomes can always make one want to quit but the awareness and understanding that I provide help them to keep going.

Could you share an experience about being a Faculty and Course Coordinator with INFS?

My willingness to guide future coaches made me join INFS as a Faculty. From being an IT analyst to co-designing a course on Calisthenics, taking lectures, and writing chapters for the curriculum; it is indeed a fulfilling journey. I am proud of being a part of INFS and the immersive journey where my guidance is benefiting many.

What is the best way to stay consistent?

The best way to stay consistent is to make working towards our dreams a constant habit. Try irrespective of failure, if you don’t try, you are doomed to fail. Success is a long journey and putting in efforts each day is the only way to make a difference.

While trying to stay fit, we often see people start losing weight very fast. What are the damaging effects to health and how can one avoid them?

When we wish to lose weight quickly, we tend to only focus on the short-term outcome instead of a holistic, year-round fitness regime. It is ok to have a short-term approach at times when it is feasible and you are prepared but in long term, one needs to find a sustainable approach and not follow any fad. Being aware of science helps one not take the shortcut to success because there aren’t any without consequences.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your work?

As a Coach and Educator, the most satisfying aspect of my work is to educate others and provide them with the necessary information so that they can take an informed decision. When you are aware and enlightened, it is easier for you to take an active interest in why a certain nutrition or workout technique is beneficial. Also reaching out to millions won’t have been possible if I were just a Coach but being an Educator, I am able to, directly and indirectly, change lives for good.

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