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Sheena Shah: The Alchemist

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“Life is an ocean where you will be hit with all kinds of waves. But it is my promise to all my clients that I will make them master surfers,” emphasises Sheena.

Sheena Shah is a Life Coach who believes that we are the vehicle of change and the answers to all our problems lie within us. As a Law of Attraction Expert and Miracle Mentor, she is transforming people to achieve limitless success and make their dreams a living reality.

Formerly, Sheena worked in the Communications Industry which gave birth to her ‘consumer-centric notions. Today, with her expertise and knowledge of human psychology, she is making everyone “be their own hero”. Read along to know more about achieving your goals, heal and transform yourselves in this enchanting conversation with Storiyaan. 

Sheena Shah

Sheena Shah: The Alchemist


Questions and answers

Before you dived into the world of manifestation you worked in Public Relations, Sales, and Advertising as a profession. What led to this shift?

Yes, I have a bachelor’s degree in advertising and choosing advertising and marketing was a natural transition. However, I got disillusioned by my corporate work after a point and wanted to take up something more fulfilling and exciting. This eventually resulted in the shift.

During the tough times of a global pandemic, what are some actions that you believe people should focus on to direct their positive energies?

I think the pandemic has taught us to look up from our busy lives, reflect on ourselves and welcome change. Thus, one should try to sit down with their thoughts, observe and allow themselves calm and peace. This will make you feel revived and positive as well as productive.

Negativity plagues many of us and everyone seeks to gain greater self-confidence. What is one tip that you would advise for boosting confidence?

Although negativity plagues everyone, we need to understand that it isn’t the way to be.  A key tip to boost confidence and avoid negativity is positive affirmations. This means you manifest a personality that you desire and build a personal reality that helps you become whoever you desire to be.


What are some common barriers people face when they begin with the process of manifestation? How can they overcome the initial hesitancy?

The biggest barrier is that people assume the law of attraction is not working when they don’t get instant results. This leads them to conclude that it is not real which makes it harder for them to experience results.

One way to overcome the initial hesitancy is to believe in the process and have faith both in yourself and the coach.

Many remarkable techniques help you attract your goals. Could you explain to us the ‘Act As If’ method?

The ‘Act As If’ method is living as if your wish has been fulfilled. This is because for manifestation to work, you have to live and be like your desired self. For example, when no one loves you and you feel that no one wants to be with you, you have to behave as if you are in love to feel confident again.

Do you think it is more effective to work with utmost determination on a single technique of manifestation or combine different techniques?

I think it is important to do things that feel good to you. Practice what works for you whether it is meditation, visualization affirmations, and so on. Hence, I cannot draw comparisons as there is not one effective technique but several.

The Spring Equinox depicts the period of struggle between darkness and light. Could you explain its significance at a deeper spiritual level?

The shades of light and dark are found in each one of us. If there was only the sun we would never sleep but we need balance. Spring equinox signifies this balance and shows how we manifest as a person in reality with all our shades of grey.

How does one identify that they have made a breakthrough in their journey of manifestation?

When you start living in the moment – not attached, or looking for answers, then you are in alignment. When your goals are aligned you have made a breakthrough in your journey of manifestation. Every manifestation is about the power of your feelings or emotions.

Many people sort to only focus on medication for their health. What are some ways in which your body can heal itself without the use of medication?

Our body has been made to survive with commands from our brain. If you provide positive signals to your body then you can heal yourself without medications. Once, I had a cancer patient who had a tumour. She was healed with different techniques and later she found that her tumour had shrunk.

What has been your greatest motivation to empower people in their journey to achieve their dreams and visions?

My greatest motivation is to see the positive shift in every person. It is reaffirming to be the catalyst for change in all my clients. There is no greater encouragement than my clients getting to witness their higher potential and better selves.

Quick 5

1. Your favourite read of the monthGames People Play by Eric Berne

2. Do you believe in miracles?Yes

3. Your inspiration – Me

4. A Sunday morning for you is – Like any other day

5. A bad habit millennials should get rid ofBeing hooked to their phone

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