5 Min Bit with Shasank Goel

Shasank took the plunge to get involved in the nitty-gritty of family business at the age of 21. With constant learning and an open perspective, he has been able to bring his 35 years old family business into newer domains – including the introduction of his business into the picturesque world of Instagram in the name of ‘turajaofficial’ to showcase the craftsmanship and skills that go into creating our favorite textiles. Along with being an observant entrepreneur, he is also a master photographer. His passion for photography has made him hone his artistic skills and has created a space for channelizing his unique eye for beauty to the world. Know more about Shasank’s love for photography and business challenges in this candid conversation with Storiyaan.

Shasank Goel


Questions and answers

What led to your fascination with clothing and textiles and at what point did you decide to evolve the fascination into a business?

I was always fascinated with the fabrics, patterns, and designs and we dealt with pure weaving fabrics which makes us unique in Pan India. My fascination grew with time as I also wanted to learn about customer behavior and well-being; this made me join my family business and stirred me to help it grow with my newer skills and ideas. After my graduation, I finally decided to join the business and take part in its day-to-day activity. It has been a great learning experience.

Tell us about your learning process while working with your family in the business?

Working in my family business has given me a tremendous opportunity to build my ideas and execute them. It has taught me to be responsible to my team, family, employees, and customers – this greatly influences your decisions and your ability to work under pressure and handling duties. I am accountable for the various business decisions and this responsibility has helped in my personal growth and professional success.

What are some of the promotional strategies on social media that you have resorted to with time and how is it panning out for you?

The main strategy of using social media platforms for promotional purposes was to make direct contact with the customers without any middlemen; this has made us focus on individual demands, personalized products and also made customer feedback quicker and easier. Today, we have a good customer base online which has helped us grow digitally along with the usual offline space. We are still learning the virtues of social media but this is something we will work with for a long duration.

Did you make any rookie mistakes when you were just starting and how did they affect you in the later phase of your career?

The rookie mistake that we made was not giving substantial importance to the kind of content we share on social media platforms. It was after several trial and errors that we decided to contact professionals in the field who has helped us understand the nooks and crannies of the digital world and the type of content that engage viewers. But I believe it is all part of the learning process and that has only benefitted us in rectifying our mistakes.

You have an eye for scenic beauty and an adept hand at photography. Was it a skill developed over time or innate to you?

Photography is a hobby that was like a breath of fresh air in the quotidian life as a businessman. It has broadened my perspective of things and artistic abilities. It has made me more focused, observant, and patient. So, the desire to capture moments in a frame has always been there but the active interest and will is something I had to develop with time.

With the growing panic over the increase in the number of those afflicted with covid, what are some of the measures that your business has taken to safeguard the interests of employees and ensure the safety of customers?

The pandemic has been a learning process, it has made us realize the importance of customer interactions, customer satisfaction, and employee welfare. We are currently focusing on better communication with both our customers and employees and are encouraging them to bring technical knowledge and education to the workforce. We also ensure that all safety protocols are maintained and we are resolute in standing with our employees in these challenging times.

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