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5 Min Bit With Shaifali Singh

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Shaifali Singh is a transformation coach and has extensive corporate experience in the areas of Human Resources Management, Organizational Development & Business Consulting.

Being an HR professional, Shaifali has built talent pools in the organizations that she has worked for and she understands the importance that your image plays in being successful. She coaches her clients in building their personal brand and helps them with creating positive first impressions. In her interview with Storiyaan, Shaifali marked the importance of soft skills & image management, read more.

Shaifali Singh


Questions and answers

As an Image Transformation Coach can you tell us how does body language play a vital role according to you?

According to research, over 90% of our communication is non-verbal of which 55% is through our body language. 

We must have a confident and smart body language as that is the first thing anyone will notice about us and our first impression can make or break it for us.

Can tell us about the events that led to your realization of the necessity of soft skills and how do you help your clients emulate them?

I was always aware of the importance of soft skills but it was my profession in Human Resources that made me understand its importance.

I coach  my clients in building  the essential soft skills with continuous interventions

What sparked your interest in becoming an Image Transformation Consultant?

Soft skills are usually undermined by everyone, so, I wished to bring awareness about its importance especially in terms of growth in the corporate world. I wanted to aid others in building an impressive personal brand and help them achieve the success that they wish to see. That sparked my interest in becoming an Image Transformation Consultant.

You have been a part of Human Resource Management in India and Indonesia. What are the stark work culture differences in these two countries?

In Indonesia, there is a culture of respect and admiration irrespective of your position in the company, everyone gets equal respect. Apart from this punctuality, a strict 8 to 5 work life and a well-balanced work and personal life are comparatively significant in Indonesia.

The first impression is said to be very important. How can one ace the first impression game?

The first impression is often the last, so, remember to be well-groomed, dress according to the occasion, be assertive and confident about yourself, be at ease and try to walk the talk every time. If your appearance, behavior, communication, demeanor and etiquette are perfect, you have aced it.

Even a mentor needs some guidance sometimes. What is that thing that helps you to stay motivated in difficult times?

I look up to mentors for advice as It helps provide different perspectives in difficult times and I try to stay positive, by keeping negative or demotivating thoughts away. I also introspect to understand my feelings and helps build my inner image.

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