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Selena Gomez on Tiktok: Reading ‘Red Flags’ in a Relationship

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Selena Gomez is a global icon who is admired for her positive and confident attitude on common problems. Be it body positivity or supporting women, Selena has always been outright in her approach. The American singer is also celebrating her 29th birthday today.

Selena carries a versatile personality. Apart from being a famous Hollywood singer, she has acted in some films and even ventured into the cosmetics industry. She has built her makeup brand known as ‘Rare Beauty’. Selena never shies away from discussing her struggles. Moreover, she addresses mental health issues in her posts and aware people of them.

A Relationship Tiktok by Selena Gomez

Celebrity relationship gossips are the guilty pleasure of almost all of us. So, what will happen when a celebrity posts about it? Of course, one thing is for sure that it will get responses. Similarly, Selena in her latest Tiktok video takes a dig at relationship problems. Well, not problems but the ‘signs’ that one can see during the course of a relationship.

In the Tiktok, Selena is wearing a red sweatshirt and she also held a coke can in her hands. Then she is seen lip-syncing over audio which says – ‘So, you’re telling me that you can read his astrological birth chart, but you can’t read the red flags?’ After a brief pause, she sips the beverage and says, “Sis”. Additionally, the caption of Selena’s post also reads “Sis”.

The video has swiftly collected millions of likes on the same day of release. Many fans were quick to respond to Selena’s TikTok. One user commented, “Sis you are the queen of ignoring red flags 😭”. Afterwards, another user comments, “Bestie his name started with a J”. We all know where this is going.

While some people were digging up her past, some chose to simply enjoy her post. A person writes, ‘Selena being active on TikTok is my fav thing ever.’ Furthermore, a comment reads, ‘KEEP BEING ACTIVE OMG QUEEN.’

Fans are enjoying her social media presence, so do we!

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